Talent In Context: Historical and Social Perspectives on Giftedness

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There is a dynamic interplay of social and historical forces that shapes the conceptualization and nurturing of talent. In Talent in Context, eminent contributors address the various social and historical contexts within which giftedness evolves.

The book is divided into three sections: Cultural Contexts, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Contexts, and Conceptualizing and Reconceptualizing Giftedness. Chapters span a variety of perspectives—psychological, sociological, biological, and anthropological—to spark a reexamination of assumptions about the impact of context on the emergence of talent. Talent in Context explores many of the cutting-edge themes driving talent research across disciplines and will be a valuable resource for professionals in the social and behavioral sciences seeking to define, understand, and enhance the talents of extraordinary individuals.

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I. Cultural Contexts

  1. Assessing and Nurturing Talent in a Diverse Culture: What Do We Do, What Should We Do, What Can We Do?
    —Carolyn M. Callahan and Evelyn Levsky Hiatt
  2. Tracing the Lives of Gifted Women
    —Carol Tomlinson-Keasey
  3. Developing Abilities—Biologically?
    —F. Allan Hanson
  4. Cultural Interpretations of Giftedness: The Case of East Asia
    —Harold W. Stevenson

II. Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Contexts

  1. Families of Gifted Children: Cradles of Development
    —Sidney M. Moon, Joan A. Jurich, and John F. Feldhusen
  2. The Prevalence of Gifted, Talented, and Multitalented Individuals: Estimates From Peer and Teacher Nominations
    —Françoys Gagné
  3. The Social Construction of Extraordinary Selves: Collaboration Among Unique Creative People
    —Howard E. Gruber

III. Conceptualizing and Reconceptualizing Giftedness

  1. Gifted Child, Genius Adult: Three Life-Span Developmental Perspectives
    —Dean Keith Simonton
  2. Cognitive Conceptions of Expertise and Their Relations to Giftedness
    —Robert J. Sternberg and Joseph A. Horvath
  3. A Conception of Talent and Talent Development
    —John F. Feldhusen


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[A] valuable and well-edited collection of papers…The aim of this book is to stimulate dialogue and research, and in doing so, it is certainly meaty and thought provoking.
—Contemporary Psychology®, 1999, Vol. 44, No. 4. p. 331