The Science of Clinical Psychology: Accomplishments and Future Directions

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To celebrate the recent centenary of clinical psychology, the editors of this volume have gathered together some of the most exciting of today's research. This book stands both as a celebration of the field's accomplishment and as an exciting dialogue about where the field should direct its energy in the next century.

Renowned clinicians discuss their work as well as areas for future investigation. Lester Luborsky recounts his methodology in creating the symptom-context method; Martin Seligman discusses important programs being developed for predicting and preventing depression; and, combining basic research and clinical practice, Thomas Bradbury and coauthors illustrate the creation of effective clinical interventions for marital dysfunction. Other areas—such as groundbreaking work in the search for causes of schizophrenia and anxiety—are also explored.

This volume serves as a fitting testament to the progress that clinical psychology has already achieved and as a window onto the exciting work yet to be undertaken.

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—Donald K. Routh

I. Causes and Risk Factors

  1. Identifying Genetic Risk for Psychopathology
    —William G. Iacono
  2. Neurodevelopmental Origins of Schizophrenia
    —Carrie E. Bearden and Tyrone D. Cannon
  3. Origins of the Depressive Cognitive Style
    —Judy Garber and Cynthia Flynn
  4. The Nature and Development of Anxiety and Depression: Back to the Future
    —David H. Barlow, Amy K. Bach, and Susan A. Tracey
  5. Family Love and Lifelong Health? A Challenge for Clinical Psychology
    —Gary E. Schwartz and Linda G. Russek

II. Assessment

  1. New Personality Measures From Old Clinical Concepts: A Research Agenda
    —Lester Luborsky
  2. Contemporary Cognitive Approaches to Studying Clinical Problems
    —Richard M. McFall, Teresa A. Treat, and Richard J. Viken

III. Interventions

  1. The Prediction and Prevention of Depression
    —Martin E. P. Seligman
  2. Expectations for and Evaluations of Psychosocial Treatment of Youths With Anxiety Disorders
    —Philip C. Kendall
  3. Cognitive–Behavioral Treatment of Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder
    —Edna B. Foa and Martin E. Franklin
  4. Using Basic Research to Craft Effective Interventions for Marital Dysfunction
    —Thomas N. Bradbury, Matthew D. Johnson, Erika E. Lawrence, and Ronald D. Rogge

IV. Service Delivery

  1. Integrating Science and Practice in an Environment of Managed Care
    —John F. Kihlstrom and Lucy Canter Kihlstrom

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