Learning and Individual Differences: Process, Trait, and Content Determinants

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Researchers from the United States and seven other countries present leading-edge research and theory concerning the topic of learning and individual differences, which continues to be a vibrant area for multidisciplinary investigation. While cutting across traditional boundaries in psychology, researchers provide incisive historical reviews and integrative analyses of critical research.

Developments in several areas, including cognitive, experimental, instructional, quantitative methodology, and differential psychology provide key insights for understanding both the characteristics of the learner and the characteristics of the learning situation. Of particular value is new research on information processing, ability traits, and knowledge as they pertain to adult learning and individual differences. Specific contributions include theoretical approaches (the Brunswik-symmetry, neurophysiology, and personality–ability integration), methodological approaches (profile analysis, speed–accuracy tradeoff, and modeling of learning), process approaches (visual and auditory information processing, working memory, priming, and automaticity), trait approaches (general intelligence, personality, motivation, and sensory abilities), and content approaches (heuristic reasoning, expertise, and knowledge structures).

Edited open discussions of each chapter provide a vibrant no-holds-barred interchange of ideas and criticism—which shows where paradigms collide and cross-fertilization of methods and perspectives can occur. This book uniquely demonstrates where the field of research has been, where it is today, and where the challenges are for tomorrow.

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