Talents Unfolding: Cognition and Development

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Talents Unfolding sheds new light on the developmental aspects of giftedness and exceptional performance—insights that inform the encouragement of talents in so-called "normal" individuals as well. This book provides a refreshing look at ability that extends the debate about giftedness far beyond the contours of IQ and into the realm of multiple intelligences and their environmental context. Contributors examine the nature of creativity and domain-specific expertise (e.g., social giftedness, visual arts) to determine how talent can be nurtured, educated, and developed. A must read for developmental, social, school, and educational psychologists.

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Individual chapters of this book are available to purchase online.


—Nancy M. Robinson

—Reva C. Friedman and Bruce M. Shore

—Bruce M. Shore and Reva C. Friedman

I. Developmental Perspectives on Giftedness

  1. Giftedness in Very Young Children: How Seriously Should It Be Taken?
    —Nancy M. Robinson
  2. Strategies for Modeling the Development of Giftedness in Children
    —Nancy Ewald Jackson
  3. A Sociohistorical Perspective on Exceptionally High-IQ Children
    —Martha J. Morelock
  4. The Giftedness Matrix: A Developmental Perspective
    —Howard Gardner
  5. Tracking Trajectories of Talent: Child Prodigies Growing Up
    —Lynn T. Goldsmith

II. Giftedness and Cognition

  1. Cognition, Development, and Exceptional Talent in Infancy
    —John Columbo, D. Jill Shaddy, and W. Allen Richman
  2. Life-Span Cognitive Giftedness: The Development of Relativistic Thinking
    —MaryLou Fair Worthen
  3. Metacognition and Flexibility: Qualitative Differences in How Gifted Children Think
    —Bruce M. Shore

III. Domain-Related Talent

  1. Social Giftedness in Childhood: A Developmental Perspective
    —Marion Porath
  2. On the Nature of Expertise in Visual Art
    —Sandra I. Kay
  3. Finding the Problem Finders: Problem Finding and the Identification and Development of Talent
    —Alane J. Starko
  4. Was Mozart at Risk? A Developmentalist Looks at Extreme Talent
    —David Henry Feldman

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