The Process of Group Psychotherapy: Systems for Analyzing Change

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This unique new book provides welcome guidance for researchers studying the complexities of group process. The editors begin by introducing nine approaches currently in use for studying group process. Contributors apply each of the nine approaches to analyze the same clinical vignette. These chapters enable readers to understand the method of each measurement system, the theory on which the system is based, and what has been learned about group psychotherapy processes through the application of each measurement system. This thorough examination provides a rich source for theory building and research design in analyzing change in groups, as well as an innovative resource for students, teachers, clinicians, and researchers.

Table of Contents

Individual chapters of this book are available to purchase online.


—Leslie S. Greenberg

—Ariadne P. Beck and Carol M. Lewis

  1. Introduction
    —Ariadne P. Beck and Carol M. Lewis

I. The Study of Process Analysis of Groups

  1. Process Analysis of Group Interaction in Therapeutic Groups
    —Les R. Greene
  2. Interaction Process Analysis in Task-Performing Groups
    —Janice R. Kelly
  3. Observational Coding of Family Therapy Processes: State of the Art
    —Myrna L. Friedlander

II. The Case Example

  1. Group A: The First Five Sessions
    —Ariadne P. Beck and Carol M. Lewis

III. Well Established Systems for Group Process Analysis

  1. The Group Emotionality Rating System
    —Sigmund W. Karterud
  2. The Hill Interaction Matrix: Therapy Through Dialogue
    —Addie Fuhriman and Gary M. Burlingame
  3. The Member–Leader Scoring System
    —Solomon Cytrynbaum

IV. Newer Systems for Group Process Analysis

  1. The Group Development Process Analysis Measures
    —Carol M. Lewis, Ariadne P. Beck, James M. Dugo, and Albert M. Eng
  2. The Psychodynamic Work and Object Rating System
    —William E. Piper and Mary McCallum
  3. The Individual Group Member Interpersonal Process Scale
    —Michael Sean Davis, Simon H. Budman and Stephan Soldz

V. Systems Developed for Other Contexts and Now Being Applied to Group Psychotherapy

  1. Three Complementary Systems for Coding the Process of Therapeutic Dialogue
    —Adrienne S. Chambon, A. Ka Tat Tsang, and Elsa Marziali
  2. The System for Analyzing Verbal Interaction
    —Anita Simon and Yvonne Agazarian
  3. Use of Structural Analysis of Social Behavior for Interpersonal Diagnosis and Treatment in Group Therapy
    —Lorna Smith Benjamin

VI. An Overview of the Systems

  1. Comparison of the Systems of Analysis: Concepts and Theory
    —Ariadne P. Beck and Carol M. Lewis
  2. A Summary of the Application of the Systems of Analysis to Group A, Session 3
    —Carol M. Lewis and Ariadne P. Beck

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