Psychological Perspectives on Self and Identity

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This book offers a comprehensive and fascinating compilation of some of the most exciting recent scientific perspectives on the self. Research into what the self is and how identity works has been a vibrant area of psychological research, cutting across many disciplines in the science. The editors of this new volume have gathered together the best and most interesting descriptions of newly emerging research programs on the self.

In each chapter, leading scholars describe their cutting-edge work on such topics as self-dynamics, self-structure, impression management, the self in intimate relationships, and the relation between self-motives and consistency motives.

  • How do individuals with low self-esteem react in intimate relationships?
  • Is self-presentation on initial encounters like first dates automatic or conscious?
  • When do role models inspire us and when do they demoralize us?

These and other questions are explored in chapters that offer readers the pleasure of discovering new insights into this most compelling of subjects.

Table of Contents



I. Structure and Dynamics of the Self

—Jerry M. Suls, Abraham Tesser, and Richard B. Felson

  1. Ego Depletion and the Self's Executive Function
    —Roy F. Baumeister
  2. Landscapes of Self-Reflection: Mapping the Peaks and Valleys of Personal Assessment
    —Robin R. Vallacher and Andrzej Nowak
  3. Structural Features of the Self-Concept and Adjustment
    —Jennifer D. Campbell, Sunaina Assanand, and Adam Di Paula

II. Self-Motives

  1. On the Evolutionary Functions of the Symbolic Self: The Emergence of Self-Evaluation Motives
    —Constantine Sedikides and John J. Skowronski
  2. An Update on Cognitive Dissonance Theory, With a Focus on the Self
    —Eddie Harmon-Jones

III. The Self in Interpersonal Processes

  1. Outstanding Role Models: Do They Inspire or Demoralize Us?
    —Penelope Lockwood and Ziva Kunda
  2. Seeing the Self Through a Partner's Eyes: Why Self-Doubts Turn Into Relationship Insecurities
    —Sandra L. Murray and John G. Holmes
  3. The Strategic Control of Information: Impression Management and Self-Presentation in Daily Life
    —Barry R. Schlenker and Beth R. Pontari

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A significant contribution to social psychology, this volume confirms the renewed interest in the relationship(s) between self and identity. One cannot help but learn about self and others in reading it.
—CHOICE Magazine