Unraveling the Complexities of Social Life: A Festschrift in Honor of Robert B. Zajonc

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This volume celebrates Robert B. Zajonc's many contributions and unique approach to experimental science. The editors have skillfully organized the book around themes of central importance both to Zajonc's line of research and to psychology in general. Chapter authors explore the interface between feeling and thinking, the degree to which social psychological phenomena (e.g., attitude formation and social facilitation) are mediated by deliberate and strategic conscious thought, and the development and nature of personal agency under difficult conditions.

Contributors include leading scholars whose careers have been significantly shaped by Zajonc's theories and research. In the ten chapters, these leading figures in contemporary psychology have focused on their current innovative research to create a forward looking and cutting-edge report of the state of the field.

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About Robert B. Zajonc

  1. Introduction
    —John A. Bargh and Deborah K. Apsley
  2. Seek Out the Magician: Contrarian Tricks of Mere Simplicity Make Affect Appear and Disappear From Social Psychology
    —Susan T. Fiske

I. The Anti-Mediational Stance

  1. The Psychology of the Mere
    —John A. Bargh
  2. Feeling Without Thinking: Affective Primacy and the Nonconscious Processing of Emotion
    —Sheila T. Murphy
  3. Relational Schema Activation: Does Bob Zajonc Ever Scowl at You From the Back of Your Mind?
    —Mark W. Baldwin

II. Affect and Cognition

  1. The Nature of Pleasure
    —Nico H. Frijda
  2. The Affect System and Racial Prejudice
    —John T. Cacioppo and Gary G. Berntson
  3. How and When Preferences Influence Inferences: A Motivated Hypothesis-Testing Framework
    —Yaacov Trope and Melissa J. Ferguson

III. Personal Agency

  1. Human Infancy and the Beginnings of Human Competence
    —Jerome Bruner
  2. Control Preferences
    —Janusz Grzelak
  3. Monitoring Adaptation to Social Change: Research at the Institute for Social Studies
    —Grazyna Wieczorkowska and Eugene Burnstein


  1. The Art of Bob Zajonc and the Communicative Basis of Prejudice
    —Claude M. Steele

Appendix: The Publications of Robert B. Zajonc

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