Evaluating Outcomes: Empirical Tools for Effective Practice

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One of the major challenges that therapists face is the increasing demand for accountability from third-party payers and consumers. This book is here to help, providing psychologists and related service providers with real-world methods to measure and prove therapeutic effectiveness. The author maintains that the same logic that drives the application of psychology can be integrated into the evaluation of ongoing treatment.

This book provides readers with the empirical tools they need to evaluate outcomes effectively in their everyday practice with clients, whether those clients are individuals, families, groups, or organizations. While reinforcing methodological concepts learned in graduate school, Cone provides practical advice and techniques that make sense in the real world. Tools for measurement, analysis, and advanced evaluation are outlined, along with examples of their use and tips for telling others about your findings. This book will be useful for both experienced therapists and for students in research methodology, professional practice, and outcomes assessment.

Table of Contents



  1. What is Outcomes Evaluation?
  2. Envisioning Your Practice
  3. The Practice Evaluation Cycle
  4. Types of Change in Human Services
  5. Case Conceptualization and Evaluation Questions
  6. Getting and Managing Information in Practice Evaluation
  7. Measurement Tools for Evaluating Outcomes
  8. Design Tools for Evaluating Outcomes
  9. Analysis Tools for Evaluating Outcomes
  10. Advanced Evaluation Concepts
  11. Examples of Outcomes Evaluations
  12. Ethical Issues in Outcomes Evaluation
  13. Telling Others About Your Findings

Appendix A: A Reader's, Writer's, and Reviewer's Guide to Assessing Research Reports in Clinical Psychology

Appendix B: Selected Ethical Standards Relevant to the Conduct of Research in Psychology


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John D. Cone, PhD, a professor of clinical psychology at United States International University (San Diego, CA), earned his BA in psychology from Stanford University and his MS and PhD from the University of Washington. He has taught at the University of Puget Sound, West Virginia University, and the University of Hawaii. He is a Fellow of both APA and the American Psychological Society. His research interests include the development of idiographic assessment methodology; childhood sexual abuse, and the development, implementation, and evaluation of large-scale delivery systems, especially for people with developmental disabilities. His publications include Dissertations and Theses From Start to Finish: Psychology and Related Fields (with Sharon L. Foster; American Psychological Association, 1993). A frequent organizational consultant, he is past editor of Behavioral Assessment and currently teaches courses in behavior therapy, research design, assessment methodology, dissertation planning, and parent–child interventions. When not professionally active, John spends his time jogging, windsurfing, and sailing the waters of the blue Pacific.