Personality Psychology in the Workplace

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Personality Psychology in the Workplace reveals the exciting new developments being made in the area of measurement and methodology demonstrating the indisputable relevance of personality theory in the workplace, particularly in the areas of personnel selection, job performance, worker management, and the study of leadership. This volume is the first to incorporate the interests of applied psychologists and industrial/organizational psychologists in one source. Personality psychologists are introduced to the preoccupations that I/O psychologists have with personality while I/O psychologists are exposed to the contributions that personality psychology can make to their research. This unique sourcebook should provide inspiration for a broad audience of researchers, practitioners, and graduate students.

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  1. Introduction: Personality and Industrial and Organizational Psychology
    —Robert T. Hogan and Brent W. Roberts

I. The Personality–I/O Interface

  1. I/Owes Its Advances to Personality
    —Leaetta M. Hough
  2. Citizenship Performance: Its Nature, Antecedents, and Motives
    —Walter C. Borman and Louis A. Penner
  3. Personality at Work: Criterion-Focused Occupational Personality Scales Used in Personnel Selection
    —Deniz S. Ones and Chockalingam Viswesvaran
  4. A Rose by Any Other Name: Are Self-Esteem, Generalized Self-Efficacy, Neuroticism, and Locus of Control Indicators of a Common Construct?
    —Timothy A. Judge and Joyce E. Bono

II. Measurement and Assessment Issues in Applied Personality Psychology

  1. Accuracy in Personality Judgment: Research and Theory Concerning an Obvious Question
    —David C. Funder
  2. Conquering the Next Frontier: Modeling Personality Data With Item Response Theory
    —Michael J. Zickar
  3. The Personality Hierarchy and the Prediction of Work Behaviors
    —Sampo V. Paunonen and Adelheid A. A. M. Nicol
  4. The Character of Self-Enhancers: Implications for Organizations
    —Richard W. Robins and Delroy L. Paulhus

III. Emerging Themes in Applied Personality Psychology

  1. Personality and Individual Differences in the Workplace: Person–Organization–Outcome Fit
    —Adrian Furnham
  2. Selecting the Right Stuff: Personality and High-Reliability Occupations
    —Rhona Flin
  3. Moral Integrity in Leadership: Why It Matters and Why It May Be Difficult to Achieve
    —Nicholas Emler and Tina Cook
  4. Ego Depletion, the Executive Function, and Self-Control: An Energy Model of the Self in Personality
    —Roy F. Baumeister

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