Domestic Violence in the Lives of Children: The Future of Research, Intervention, and Social Policy

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Clinicians know from experience that some children who have been exposed to domestic violence are severely affected by the experience, whereas others appear relatively unscathed. Much less clear is what protects children in the latter group, and how the larger community and social environment impedes or enhances adjustment in their families.

This collection of studies builds on two previous APA publications (Children Exposed to Marital Violence, edited by Holden, Geffner, and Jouriles, 1998, and Violence Against Children in the Family and the Community edited by Trickett and Schellenbach, 1998). This book is intentionally future-oriented, charting new directions for productive research and integrating the hitherto separate areas of domestic violence and child maltreatment research. Cutting edge methodology is emphasized, with the contributors discussing important research constructs, the best available measures and methods of analyzing data, the effectiveness of interventions, and implications for public policy. This book will be invaluable to researchers, policy makers, and all those who care about improving our understanding of the impact of domestic violence on children.

Table of Contents



—Sandra A. Graham-Bermann and Jeffrey L. Edleson

I. Understanding Children's Exposure to Domestic Violence

  1. Issues and Controversies in Documenting the Prevalence of Children's Exposure to Domestic Violence
    —Ernest N. Jouriles, Renee McDonald, William D. Norwood, and Elizabeth Ezell
  2. Longer Term Effects of Children's Exposure to Domestic Violence
    —B. B. Robbie Rossman
  3. Resilience in Children Exposed to Domestic Violence
    —Honore M. Hughes, Sandra A. Graham-Bermann, and Gabrielle Gruber
  4. Studying the Co-Occurrence of Child Maltreatment and Domestic Violence in Families
    —Jeffrey L. Edleson
  5. Ethically Sound Research on Children's Exposure to Domestic Violence: A Proposal
    —Einat Peled

II. Providing Context: The Role of Families and Social Support

  1. Overcoming Mother Blaming? Future Directions for Research on Mothering and Domestic Violence
    —Lorraine Radford and Marianne Hester
  2. Fatherhood and Domestic Violence: Exploring the Role of Men Who Batter in the Lives of Their Children
    —Oliver J. Williams, Jacqueline L. Boggess, and Janet Carter
  3. Domestic Violence and High-Conflict Divorce: Developing a New Generation of Research for Children
    —Peter G. Jaffe, Samantha E. Poisson, and Alison Cunningham
  4. Researching Children's Experience of Interparental Violence: Toward a Multidimensional Conceptualization
    —Zvi Eisikovits and Zeev Winstok
  5. Critical Issues in Research on Social Networks and Social Supports of Children Exposed to Domestic Violence
    —Sandra K. Beeman

III. Preventive Intervention Initiatives and Evaluations

  1. Designing Intervention Evaluations for Children Exposed to Domestic Violence: Applications of Research and Theory
    —Sandra A. Graham-Bermann
  2. Evaluating Coordinated Community Responses for Abused Women and Their Children
    —Cris M. Sullivan and Nicole E. Allen
  3. Prevention of Domestic Violence: Emerging Initiatives
    —David A. Wolfe and Peter G . Jaffe

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Sandra A. Graham-Bermann, PhD, is an associate professor of psychology and of women's studies at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and serves as the codirector of the Interdisciplinary Research Program on Violence. Her research on the impact of family violence on children's social and emotional adjustment includes studies of children in shelters, the community, schools, and clinical populations. She is currently studying the effects of young children's exposure to multiple forms of violence. To study sibling violence and abuse and to assess the effects of domestic violence and child abuse, she developed several measures of family relationship qualities. With funding from national and local sources, she has studied the efficacy of an intervention program she created for children exposed to family violence and their mothers.

As a clinical psychologist and researcher, she has consulted for the U.S. Department of Justice, the National Institute of Mental Health, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, as well as for local shelters, nursery schools, and community programs. Her work has been recognized with awards for the prevention of domestic violence, research, and teaching excellence. She is the author of Violence in the Lives of American Children: Epidemiology, Impact, and Intervention (2000) and Fostering Resilience in Young Children Exposed to Violence (with Chantal Follett, 2000).

Jeffrey L. Edleson, PhD, is a professor in the University of Minnesota School of Social Work and director of the Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse. He has published numerous articles and six books on domestic violence, group work, and program evaluation. Dr. Edleson conducted intervention research at the Domestic Abuse Project in Minneapolis for over 16 years and has provided technical assistance to domestic violence programs and research projects across North America as well as in several other countries including Germany, Australia, Israel, Cyprus, Korea, and Singapore. The recipient of several national awards, he has served as a consultant to government departments, foundations, and national professional organizations.

Dr. Edleson is an associate editor of the journal Violence Against Women and has served on a number of other editorial boards. He is the coeditor of the Sage Book Series on Violence Against Women. His own books include Working With Children and Adolescents in Groups (with Sheldon Rose, 1987), Intervention for Men Who Batter (with Richard Tolman, 1992), Ending the Cycle of Violence: Community Responses to Children of Battered Women (coedited with Einat Peled and Peter G. Jaffe, 1995), Future Interventions With Battered Women and Their Families (coedited with Zvi Eisikovits, 1996), Evaluating Domestic Violence Programs (1997), and The Sourcebook on Violence Against Women (coedited with Claire Renzetti and Raquel Kennedy Bergen, 2001).