Memory Consolidation: Essays in Honor of James L. McGaugh

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Memory Consolidation: Essays in Honor of James L. McGaugh, celebrates the contributions McGaugh has made to the field of memory formation research. Forty years ago this seminal thinker posited that memory could be facilitated by stimulants administered after a learning experience. His initial exploration and research led to the eventual publication in 1965 of "Effects of Drugs on Learning and Memory." So began a fertile, new period in the study of memory that continues to this day.

The authors of this volume present experiments and research giving provocative insight into the workings of human neurobiology. They examine morphological studies of memory, neural connections between memory and arousal, the function of brainstem structures, the effects of epinephrine on memory consolidation, and new models of memory formation involving neuroholography and memory codes. A delightful professional autobiography by McGaugh himself starts off the book, and the humility and humor of his words belie the important influence of his work.

This volume is essential to researchers and practitioners in the field of psychobiology of memory, and to any reader wishing to see how a single scientist can utterly transform a field of inquiry.

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About James McGaugh

Introduction: Evolution of Memory Consolidation
—Paul E. Gold and William T. Greenough

  1. Orchestration of Consolidation: Overture and Coda
    —James Lafayette McGaugh
  2. It's About Time
    —Aryeh Routtenberg
  3. Synapse-Specific Gene Expression of the IEG Arc: Insights Into Molecular Processes in Memory Consolidation
    —Oswald Stewart, Christopher S. Wallace, and Paul F. Worley
  4. Morphological and Molecular Studies of Synaptic Memory Mechanisms: Links to the Fragile X Mental Retardation Syndrome
    —William T. Greenough
  5. Consolidation of Short- and Long-Term Memory
    —Iván Izquierdo, Patricia G. Ardenghi, Daniela M. Barros, Lia Bevilaqua, Luciana A. Izquirerdo, Jorge H. Medina, Tadeu Mello de Souza, Patricia Pereira, Marcia M. de Souza, and Monica R. M. Vianna
  6. Time-Dependent Processes in Memory Formation Revisited
    —Steven P. R. Rose
  7. Neural Pathways Mediating the Modulation of Learning and Memory by Arousal
    —Robert A. Jenson
  8. Contribution of Brainstem Structures in Modulating Memory Storage Processes
    —Cedric L. Williams and Edwin Clayton
  9. Epinephrine Modulation of Memory: Amygdala Activation and Regulation of Long-Term Memory Storage
    —Keng Chen Liang
  10. Cortical Cholinergic Modulation in Memory Formation
    —Federico Bermúdez-Rattoni, María Isabel Miranda, and Humberto Gutiérrez González
  11. Amygdala Modulation of Multiple Memory Systems
    —Mark G. Packard
  12. Neurochemical Referees of Dueling Memory Systems
    —Paul E. Gold, Christa McIntyre, Ewan McNay, Mark Stefani, and Donna L. Korol
  13. Process-Oriented View of Amygdala and Hippocampus: Mediation of Reward Value and Spatial Location Information
    —Raymond P. Kesner and Paul E. Gilbert
  14. Learning and Neural Plasticity Over the Life Span
    —Mark R. Rosenzweig
  15. A Neuroholographic Model of Memory: Theta Rhythms, Facilitation, and Calcium Channels
    —Phillip W. Landfield and Olivier Thibault
  16. Memory Codes: New Concept For Old Problem
    —Norman M. Weinberger

Appendix: The Publications by James L. McGaugh

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