Self and Motivation: Emerging Psychological Perspectives

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Strong on theory and empirical work, Self and Motivation showcases cutting-edge research that asks a variety of intriguing questions: Can goals be activated outside our awareness? How do interpersonal dynamics affect the self? How do we maintain a distinctive identity in a group context? Is too much choice or self-determination "bad"? How does self-esteem and morality influence the self?

Here leading scholars discuss the importance of motivation, emotion, and physiological arousal in self-related processes; explore the role of awareness in goal-driven behavior; and describe the interactive influence of social context on the self and the self on social context. A formal integrated model of self-regulation is also proposed.

Up-to-date, informative, and engaging, Self and Motivation challenges readers to consider new approaches in studying and thinking about motivation and self.

Table of Contents



Introduction: An Emphasis on Motivation
—Abraham Tesser, Joanne V. Wood, and Diederick A. Stapel

  1. Nonconscious Motivations: Their Activation, Operation, and Consequences
    —Tanya L. Chartrand and John A. Bargh
  2. From Threat to Sweat: The Role of Physiological Arousal in the Motivation to Maintain Self-Esteem
    —Jamie Arndt and Jamie L. Goldenberg
  3. Choice and Its Consequences: On the Costs of Benefits of Self-Determination
    —Sheena S. Iyengar and Mark R. Lepper
  4. Self-Conscious Emotions: The Self as a Moral Guide
    —June Price Tangney
  5. When Selves Collide: The Nature of the Self and the Dynamics of Interpersonal Relationships
    —Mark R. Leary
  6. Distinctiveness and Definition of Collective Self: A Tripartite Model
    —Russell Spears, Jolanda Jetten, and Daan Scheepers
  7. Modeling the Structure of Self-Knowledge and the Dynamics of Self-Regulation
    —Jay G. Hull

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