As efforts to combat the AIDS epidemic take on new aspects, as funds for AIDS research increase, and as demonstration programs and treatment services expand, the literature on AIDS grows. This bibliography is the third in a series on the psychological and behavioral aspects of AIDS published by the APA. These publications serve as vital references to the ever-increasing information on AIDS for social and behavioral scientists, other professionals, policymakers, practitioners, and the public. The third edition offers an even greater resource to those who continue to play strategic roles in responding to AIDS.

Table of Contents


  1. Review of Recent Literature on the Behavioral and Psychosocial Aspects of HIV Disease
  2. Selected References to Journal Articles and Dissertations on AIDS
    • Etiology, Epidemiology and Diagnosis of AIDS
    • Treatment and Counseling for Patients and At-Risk Populations
    • Special or At-Risk Populations
    • Public Education and Knowledge About AIDS
    • Attitudes Toward AIDS: Fear, Stress and Family Adjustment
    • Professional, Legal, Ethical and Policy Issues
  3. Selected References to Books on AIDS
  4. Author Index
  5. Subject Index

Appendix: Search Strategies to Update References on AIDS