All the material is new and reflects the latest psychologically relevant research on child abuse from many disciplines, including social work, law, nursing, and clinical and experimental psychology. The research examines long-term effects on victims as well as issues related to the time of abuse, such as causes and prevention.

The citations are drawn from journal abstracts, dissertations, and book chapter records published in Psychological Abstracts (and its computerized counterparts). This bibliography contains 2,402 abstracts of the serial literature, 527 citations of dissertations, and information about 251 authored books and 687 chapters from 300 edited books.

Table of Contents


  1. Selected References to Journal Articles on Child Abuse
  2. Citations to Dissertation Literature on Child Abuse
  3. Selected References to Books/Book Chapters on Child Abuse
  4. Author Index
  5. Subject Index

Appendix: Search Strategy Used to Retrieve References for the Bibliography