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This book is an endeavor to practice what educational psychology preaches. It applies in the educational psychology course the principle that material should be learned in the form in which it is to be used. It abandons the idea of teacher or text book setting forth a series of propositions somehow to be absorbed and some day to be applied. It calls upon the teacher to be a kind of learning engineer. The activity is in the learner. The teacher stimulates, guides, and enriches this active process. The learner is to feel a need, formulate the problem, seek answers, organize data, and test hypotheses. This is not merely the formula of the classroom. It is the mental activity which should continue throughout a lifetime of professional growth.

Table of Contents




  1. Studying
  2. Measurement
  3. General Method
  4. Among Curricula
  5. Special Methods
  6. Extra-Curricular Activities
  7. Character Training
  8. Delinquency and Crime
  9. Problems of Administration
  10. Problems of Intellectual Adjustment
  11. Vocational Psychology
  12. Causes of Individual Differences
  13. Emotional Conditioning
  14. Abnormal Psychology
  15. Adult Education
  16. Social Attitudes
  17. Group and Community Relationships
  18. Selection and Measurement of Teachers
  19. Questions of General Psychological Interest
  20. Evaluation


  • A. The ABC of Educational Psychology
  • B. Principles of Mental Hygiene
  • C. Suggestions for Leading Effective Group Thinking
  • D. Some Suggestions for Counseling
  • E. Sample Questions on Educational Psychology
  • F. Answer to Cipher in Chapter III