The Elements of Psychology: A Textbook

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Publication Date: 1888
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Although the scientific method has been only recently applied to psychological investigation, it has produced a reconstruction of the sciences relating to the nature of man. It has not been found possible, however, to abandon the special method of self-analysis, or introspection, which alone furnishes the particular kind of facts upon which Psychology is based,—the phenomena of consciousness. By a careful application of this method by many observers, there has been accumulated a body of accepted facts universally admitted as verifiable.

This text-book has been gradually adapted to the practical needs of those who could devote to the study only a single term of about three months. Great stress has been laid upon the careful definition of words, a progressive analysis, and the emphasis of the central truths of the science.

Table of Contents



Part I. Intellect

  • Presentative Knowledge: Two Forms of Presentative Knowledge
  • Representative Knowledge: Definition and Division of Representative Knowledge
  • Elaborative Knowledge: Definition and Division of Elaborative Knowledge
  • Constitutive Knowledge: Definition and Division of Constitutive Knowledge

Part II. Sensibility

  • Sensations: Classification of Sensations
  • Sentiments: The Three Classes of Sentiments

Part III. Will

  • Involuntary Actions: Division of the Subject
  • Voluntary Action: Division of the Subject

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