Experimental Psychology

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Publication Date: 1931
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This book is characterized by an excellent summarizing of the most recent experimental data and by a spirit of fairness which it exhibits in organizing facts under general theoretical principles. Besides informing the reader, it stimulates him by critical remarks and suggestions for further thinking and experimentation.

The most unusual feature of the book is its detailed treatment of the apprehension of relations. This is regarded by the author as one of the fundamental categories of psychological processes--just as basic as, say, sensation, perception, feeling, etc. Other features of the book are: a comprehensive treatment of the interrelationships between the different sense modes, and in particular of the dominant part played by vision; a critical examination of the interdependence of image and perception; and a survey of the common but exceedingly complex combinations of relational data with data of sense, imagery and feeling.

The author points out that the types of configurational experience glorified by Gestalt psychologists represent only one phase of this very significant yet admittedly undeveloped field of interrelated organic experiences. In contrast with the custom in most American treatises on psychology, Professor Lindworsky devotes an adequate portion of his book to the consideration of three of the most complex and important, yet most neglected, phases of mental life--namely, thinking, feeling, and willing. He presents the results of his own extensive experimentation in this field in addition to an excellent report of the experimental evidence from recent important German investigations, and thus contributes by far the most inclusive and adequate picture of the field that we now possess.

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