Fundamentals of Industrial Psychology

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Publication Date: 1941
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It is not easy to state the essential concepts and principles of psychology and explain their applications in industrial management as is attempted here in brief form. Dr. Walton has been very successful in this undertaking. In 1931 the first course of this nature was outlined and taught by Dr. Bruce Moore. Later the material was expanded by Dr. Kinsley Smith and Dr. Albert Walton of The Pennsylvania State College Extension Staff. Dr. Albert Walton has developed this material into a very readable text. There is much that has had to be omitted, but the discussion of the essential topics is not superficial. On the other hand the treatment is scientific and dependable without being abstract or in technical terms. These short chapters should help to crystallize what is learned in the lectures that accompany them, and also help to prepare the way for further reading and study. This volume is one in the Industrial Series written by the staff of The Pennsylvania State College for use in industrial extension classes. It serves as a text for those who, having taken the more fundamental courses in supervision, are interested in the study of the special topic of human behavior as it is related to industrial supervision.

Table of Contents
  • Preface
  • A Suggestion to the Reader
  • Psychology and Its Methods
  • Human Habits
  • Aptitudes and Abilities
  • Tests: Their Construction and Evaluation
  • Tests: Varieties and Industrial Uses
  • The Basis of Personality
  • Resistance to Change
  • Efficiency Methods and Scientific Management
  • Psychological Factors Enhancing Productivity
  • Principles of Learning and Training in Industry
  • Some Peculiarities in Human Behavior
  • When the Human Machine Gets Out of Adjustment
  • Fatigue, Monotony, and Accidents
  • Motives, Labor Unrest and Morale
  • Attitude Building
  • The Job an Opportunity for Self-Improvement
  • Index