Handbook of General Psychology: A Summary of Essentials and a Dictionary of Terms

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Publication Date: 1942
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The purpose of this volume is twofold. First, the subject matter of general psychology has been summarized for the convenience of the general reader who wishes to understand the behavior of the normal adult individual. This handbook provides for any reader an introduction to the aims, methods, and principles of psychology, which as a science investigates not only what man does but also what he experiences in everyday life. Second, the book has been arranged to serve as a guide for the college student who studies psychology for the first time. The effort has been made to set forth the specific aims, methods, facts, and explanations pertinent to the needs of the beginning student. It has been the purpose of the authors to summarize, without the inclusion of numerous details, the basic facts and principles which describe and explain human behavior. To do this the most significant and essential materials in general psychology have been highlighted. The student can profitably read any chapter in the volume in conjunction with the corresponding chapter in the standard texts used today in colleges and universities. The book should also be useful to those teachers of introductory psychology who do not wish to adhere to a specific and detailed text but prefer to develop their course in connection with selected references.

Table of Contents


Part One: Summary of Essentials

  • Introduction to General Psychology
  • The Neural Basis of Behavior
  • Sensation
  • Individual Differences
  • Intelligence
  • Motivation and Adjustment
  • Learning
  • Man's Affective Life
  • Revived Experiences—Imagination and Dreams
  • Attention
  • Perception
  • Memory: Acquiring and Retaining Knowledge
  • Reasoning
  • Action—The Control of Movement
  • Personality

Part Two: Dictionary of Terms

Part Three: Contributors to Psychology

Part Four: Reference Books In General Psychology