Handbook of Psychology: Feeling and Will

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Publication Date: 1894
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The present volume completes the survey of the mind begun in Handbook of Psychology: Senses and Intellect. In method and scope the plan has remained the same. This volume puts to a better test the claim upon which the Handbook is written, i.e., the possibility of a psychology which is not a metaphysics, nor even a philosophy. For the phenomena of the emotional and volitional life have not been worked over for purposes of philosophical system, as intellectual phenomena have: and for this reason, the psychologist has in this field greater freedom of treatment and a larger scientific opportunity. Hence, apart from the general arrangement and division, certain chapters of this volume are more independent. In other words, the book not only aims to be useful for purposes of university instruction, but it may also be found, on some points, to make contributions to psychological discussion.

Table of Contents


Part III: Feeling

  • General Introduction to Feeling
    • The Nervous System
    • The Nervous System and Consciousness
    • Nature and Divisions of Sensibility
  • Sensuous Feeling
    • Sensation and Common Feeling
    • Sensuous Pleasure and Pain
  • Ideal Feeling
    • Nature and Divisions of Ideal Feeling
    • Common Ideal Feeling: Interest, Reality, and Belief
  • Special Ideal Feelings. Quality, Or Kinds
    • Division: Presentative Emotions
    • Emotions of Relation
    • Quantity and Duration of Emotion
    • Ideal Pleasure and Pain

Part IV: Will

  • Motor Aspects of Sensuous Feeling
    • The Motor Consciousness
    • Stimuli to Involuntary Movement
  • Motor Aspects of Ideal Feeling
    • Stimuli to Voluntary Movement
    • Voluntary Movement
    • Volition

Appendix A. Educational Psychology: Bibliography

Appendix B. Dream-Excitation

Appendix C. Number-Forms