How to Think in Business

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Publication Date: 1923
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It is necessary to prefix a brief explanation of the origin of the ideas expressed in the following pages. In 1910 Professor Dewey published a book entitled How We Think. As the title implies the book contains a description of what we do when we think. Although written primarily for the assistance of teachers in secondary schools, the book contains a method of reflective thinking capable of very wide application. It has seemed to the author desirable to put the main points of Professor Dewey's method into a form that would be readily and easily accessible to the busy man of affairs whose interests are of necessity bound up with practical demands of business.

The author has, therefore, written a brief description of reflective thinking, attempting to relate it directly to the analysis of business problems. He has accepted the theoretical analysis of reflection set forth by Professor Dewey and he has, at all times, made free use of Dewey's ideas.

The illustrative material used in the following pages has been drawn almost exclusively from the field of practical business experience, but the method and procedure of reflection which is described are of universal application. It is hoped, therefore, that the book may prove of use in college courses where directive and applied thinking are receiving greater emphasis than the discipline of the conventional, formal logic.

Table of Contents
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Solving a Simple Problem
  • Solving a Business Problem
  • The Starting-Point: The Problem
  • Formulating the Problem
  • Suggestion
  • Reasoning
  • Formulating a Solution: Induction
  • Testing the Solution: Deduction
  • The Interrelation Between Induction and Deduction
  • Judgment
  • Concentration
  • Creative Intelligence
  • A Complete Act of Thought
  • Bibliography
  • Index