Human Immortality: Two Supposed Objections to the Doctrine

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Publication Date: 1898
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Immortality is one of the great spiritual needs of man. The churches have constituted themselves the official guardians of the need, with the result that some of them actually pretend to accord or to withhold it from the individual by their conventional sacraments,—withhold it at least in the only shape in which it can be an object of desire. The author seeks to justify his appointment by offering what seem to him two such grains of truth, two points well fitted to combine with anything that other lecturers may bring. These points are both of them in the nature of replies to objections, to difficulties which our modern culture finds in the old notion of a life hereafter,—difficulties that robs the notion of much of its old power to draw belief, in the scientifically cultivated circles to which this audience belong.

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