An Introduction to Applied Psychology

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Publication Date: 1934
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This book describes psychology in actual operation, otherwise known as applied psychology. The author takes the reader to some of the affairs that concern him most in his daily life, to the domain of political and social affairs, to the hospital, to the schoolroom, and to the criminal court, to industry and to commerce, and to buying and selling. In fact, the author goes wherever experimental psychology is inclined, for it is the laboratory that has led most direction to the arts of practical control.

The book is formally divided into eight parts; but, as a matter of fact, there are only three major sections. The first section (Part One) looks at the student himself in his daily living. The second section (Parts Two to Seven) considers the several more formal branches of applied psychology. The third section (Part Eight) will serve both as a summary of the whole book and as a repository for certain types of information which are the common property of all of the branches of applied psychology. The book describes, for example, the general problems of experimental psychology, the problems of original nature and training, the principles of learning, and some of the larger aspects of human fellowship.

Table of Contents


Part One: Psychology in Student Life

  • Some Hazards of the Open Road
  • Psychology and Athletics
  • Relaxation and Sleep
  • Problems of Motivation
  • The Problems of Vocational Guidance
  • How to Study

Part Two: Psychology and Social Problems

  • The Nature of Social Problems
  • The Origin of Social Behavior
  • The Behavior of Groups
  • Leadership
  • Invention and Imitation
  • Race Differences
  • Psychology of Sex Differences
  • Psychological Effects of Socio-Economic Status

Part Three: Psychology and Law

  • The Nature and Origin of Crime
  • Diagnosing Guilt
  • On the Witness Stand
  • Punishment

Part Four: Psychology and Medicine

  • The Problems of Adjustment
  • The Major Types of Psychological Ailment
  • Methods of Explaining Psychological Ailments
  • Psychological Methods of Healing

Part Five: Psychology and Education

  • The Social Value of Education
  • Education and Age Differences
  • The Nature of Intelligence
  • The Psychology of Teaching
  • The Transfer of Training

Part Six: Psychology in Industry and Commerce

  • The General Problems of Industrial Psychology
  • Accident Proneness
  • Efficiency
  • The Psychology of Advertising
  • Buying and Selling
  • The Principles of Personnel Selection

Part Seven: Psychology and Art

  • The Nature of Aesthetics
  • Sources of Artistic Creation

Part Eight: The Basic Materials of Applied Psychology

  • The Main Problems of Experimental Psychology
  • The Problem of Original Nature
  • The Nature of Learning
  • Methods of Psychological Experimentation
  • General Problems of Human Fellowship

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