An Introductory Psychology With Some Educational Applications

Pages: 318
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ISBN: 978-1-59147-967-3
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Publication Date: 1911
Format: Softcover
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The material presented is for the most part the common property of psychologists. The work of the author has been, rather, one of selection, emphasis, and presentation. Selection has been made of the more important features of the structure and functioning of the mind considered as a part of a psychophysical organism adjusting itself to the conditions of its life. The book attempts to lay the greater emphasis on those parts of the matters selected for treatment which will be most serviceable to the student in his early efforts to understand the mental or personal side of life's adjustments. The presentation tries to make clear what has thus been selected and emphasized, and to bring these matters into close relation with the reader's experience. It is the student's own experience which it is hoped the book will better enable him to understand. The writer has assumed a reader intelligently interested in such matters. Practical applications are now made much of in teaching every science, because they are useful in life and most helpful in clearing up a subject and fixing it in the mind of the student. The greatest field for the practical application of psychology is in the learning and teaching processes, and this book makes free use of these applications which are valuable for every student of psychology and directly available for the prospective teacher.

Table of Contents
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • The General Nature of Consciousness
  • The Nervous System
  • The Simple Processes of Adaptation: Instinct, Impulse, and Habit
  • The Simple Processes of Sense Stimulation: Sensation
  • The Complex Processes of Sense Stimulation: Perception
  • The Simple Affective Processes: Affection and Feeling
  • The Nature of Attention and Interest
  • The Association of Ideas
  • The Ideational Processes: Memory
  • The Ideational Processes: Imagination
  • The Ideational Processes: Conception and Thought
  • The Complex Affective Processes: Emotion and Sentiment
  • The Complex Processes of Conscious Adaptation: The Will
  • Index