The Mental Survey

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Publication Date: 1918
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The author has attempted to develop a method of tests for group purposes, in order to measure roughly the intelligence of large groups of children. The work began owing to the practical problem of finding the number of feeble-minded in a school or institution. To avoid needless testing of perfectly normal children some rough preliminary tests were made. These tests were those which had been fairly well standardized at the time. No claim is made that they are the best tests for such purposes. Doubtless better groups of tests will be devised in the future. The application of the mental survey to schools and the evaluation of school achievement in terms of mentality, is, the most important aspect of the present study.

The book is divided into two parts. The first describes the method of standardization and gives some results. The second part is a guide for the use of the tests and has been written as clearly and simply as possible, so that the worker may follow, step by step, the procedure in giving, scoring and evaluating the tests.

Table of Contents



Part I: The Tests and Their Standardization

  • The Tests
  • The Computation of the Results
  • Surveys of Schools
  • The Survey Tests and Other Estimates of Intelligence
  • Educational Accomplishment and Mental Ability

Part II: A Guide for the Use of the Survey Tests

  • Giving the Tests
  • Scoring the Tests
  • Evaluating the Results