On Vital Reserves: The Energies of Men, The Gospel of Relaxation

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ISBN: 978-1-59147-976-5
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Publication Date: 1911
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If the reader puts together two conceptions, first, that few people live at their maximum of energy, and second, that anyone may be in vital equilibrium at very different rates of energizing, the reader will find that a very pretty practical problem of national economy, as well as of individual ethics, opens upon his view. In rough terms, we may say that a man who energizes below his normal maximum fails by just so much to profit by his chance at life; and that a nation filled with such men is inferior to a nation run at higher pressure. The problem is, then, how can men be trained up to their most useful pitch of energy? And how can nations make such training most accessible to all their sons and daughters. This, after all, is only the general problem of education, formulated in slightly different terms. The author takes certain psychological doctrines and shows their practical applications to mental hygiene—to the hygiene of American life more particularly.

Table of Contents
  • The Energies of Man
  • The Gospel of Relaxation