Persistent Problems of Philosophy: An Introduction to Metaphysics Through the Study of Modern Systems (2nd revised edition)

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Publication Date: 1907
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This book is intended for students and readers who are seriously concerned with the problems of philosophy and genuinely anxious to study metaphysics under the guidance of the great thinkers. The book is, none the less, designed for beginners in philosophy, as well as for those more advanced, and the author has tried to make it clear in statement and logical in order. She has audaciously attempted to combine, also, what seem to her the essential features of a systematic Introduction to Metaphysics with those of a History of Modern Philosophy. This she have done both because she believes that the problems of philosophy are, at the outset, best studied as formulated in the actual systems of great thinkers, and because the historical sequence of philosophies, from Descartes's to Hegel's, seems to coincide, roughly, with a logical order.

Table of Contents


Preface to the Second Edition


  • The Nature, Types, and Value of Philosophy

Systems of Numerical Pluralism

  • Pluralistic Dualism: The System of Descartes
  • Pluralistic Materialism: The System of Hobbes
  • Pluralistic Spiritualism: The System of Leibniz
  • Pluralistic Spiritualism (Continued); The System of Berkeley
  • Pluralistic Phenomenalistic Idealism: The System of Hume

A Criticism of Preceding Systems

  • An Attack upon Dualism and Phenomenalism: The Critical Philosophy of Kant

Systems of Numerical Monism

  • Monistic Pluralism: The System of Spinoza
  • The Advance Toward Monistic Spiritualism: The Systems of Fichte, Schelling, and Schopenhauer
  • Monistic Spiritualism: The System of Hegel


  • Contemporary Philosophical Systems: The Issue Between Pluralistic and Monistic Personalism

Appendix: Biographies and Bibliographies of Modern Writers on Philosophy, Together With Summaries and Discussions of Certain Texts

  • Forerunners of Modern Philosophy
  • Continental Philosophers Through Leibniz
  • British Philosophers Through Hume
  • Continental Philosophers of the Eighteenth Century
  • Kant and the Kantians
  • The Post-Kantian Monistic Idealists
  • Nineteenth-Century Philosophers After Hegel
  • General Works on Philosophy