Psychology in Education, With Emphasis on Creative Thinking

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Publication Date: 1934
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In this book, the author attempts to present the essentials of the data commonly included in textbooks of educational psychology and at the same time to avoid the error of offering merely a rehash of introductory psychology. His real reason for writing it, however, goes beyond this. For, besides considering the laws of learning and allied topics, he aims to give the creative or expressive side of mental life an emphasis of treatment that is more nearly proportioned to its place and value in human experience. It seems scarcely logical to continue to permit the assumption that there are laws of mental intake, which it is the business of psychology to discover and of education to apply, but no comparable laws governing mental output.

Part One deals with the psychology of learning, adopting, for pedagogical reasons, an historical method of approach. In Part Two attention is centered, not upon problems of intellectual intake, but upon problems of intellectual productivity. This book is not offered as a text on the methodology of teaching. It attempts, rather, to deal with the psychological principles which admittedly underlie sound methodology. This, precisely, is what we must conceive the task of educational psychology to be.

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