The Psychology of Individual Differences

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Publication Date: 1928
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For a number of years the writer has given courses on the psychology of individual differences to students in liberal arts and in education who wished to obtain a general knowledge of individual differences without the necessity of taking several courses in statistics and mental measurement. This volume is directly the outgrowth of that experience. It aims to give, especially for the benefit of the elementary student, an introduction to the problems, the methods, the results, and the applications of the psychology of individual differences. The point of view is essentially biological, experimental, and statistical, and but little attention has been given to pathology and psychoanalysis. Individual differences in acquired traits are discussed to some extent, but the field primarily considered is differences in native traits.

Table of Contents




  1. The Problems and Methods of Individual Psychology
  2. The Relation Between Physical and Mental Traits
  3. An Analysis of the Individual
  4. The Measurement of Mental Traits
  5. The Nature and Extent of Individual Differences
  6. The Mechanism of Heredity and Variation
  7. Mental Inheritance and Variation
  8. The Effect of Environment on Individual Differences
  9. Age Differences in Mental Traits
  10. Sex Differences in Mental Traits
  11. Race Differences in Mental Traits
  12. Extreme Deviations in Mental Traits: I. Superiority and Genius
  13. Extreme Deviations in Mental Traits: II. Mental Deficiency
  14. Extreme Deviations in Mental Traits: III. Fanaticism and Insanity
  15. Extreme Deviations in Mental Traits: IV. Delinquency and Criminality
  16. Individual Differences and Social Differentiation
  17. The Organization of Mind
  18. Applications to Education
  19. Applications to Business
  20. Applications to Law and Government
  21. Miscellaneous Applications