Psychology of Military Leadership

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Publication Date: 1943
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Every officer in the armed forces daily encounters numerous situations in which a more thorough knowledge of men and how to direct them would be of inestimable value. This text provides the officer with certain principles of action to which he may turn for the solution of those military problems pertaining to the human element. In other words, it shows how to work effectively with all superiors and subordinates. The method of procedure is as follows: First, those military problems frequently encountered by most officers are carefully studied. Second, the psychological principles and techniques possessing a direct bearing upon each of these problems are correlated with them. That other military problems may have been little stressed is granted. These problems, however, have been given every consideration prior to their exclusion. The criterion for inclusion in each instance has been the usefulness of the problem to the greatest number of officers in the several branches of the armed forces. Only those rules that definitely enhance human efficiency in training and in combat have been held acceptable for consideration.

Table of Contents



  1. Introduction to Military Psychology
  2. The Officer as an Instructor
  3. The Officer as an Instructor (Concluded)
  4. The Officer as a Learner
  5. The Officer as a Leader
  6. The Officer as a Disciplinarian
  7. The Officer as a Personnel Technician
  8. The Officer and Adjustment to Military Service
  9. The Officer and His Men in Battle
  10. The Officer and Army Morale