The Psychology of Power

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Publication Date: 1924
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The increasing pressure of modern life, with its anxieties and cares constitutes an ever-augmenting tax upon our strength. It is hardly surprising that nervous breakdowns are common, and that neurasthenia, or nerve fatigue, is the most significant disease of the age. Yet while, on the one hand, we see men and women so ill-adapted to face the demands of life that the slightest exertion produces fatigue; on the other, we are called upon to witness exhibitions of power which fill us with wonder. The increasing demand for the power and energy requisite to face the strain compels us to investigate the sources of their supply.

The purpose of the author's study is to direct attention to the problem of the sources of human energy and power. In this essay the author proposes, in the first place, to produce evidence of the existence of resources of power normally untapped; secondly, he shows that these are psychic rather than physical in character; and, after discussing their relation to the instinctive emotions and to the will, shall consider the means by which they can be made available.

Table of Contents
  • The Psychology of Power
  • Evidence of Extraordinary Powers
  • The Mental Factor in Fatigue
  • The Infirmity of the Will
  • The Instincts
  • The Instincts and Morality
  • The Conflict of Instincts
  • The Conversion of the Instincts
  • Confidence and Faith
  • The Expenditure of Power
  • Energy and Rest
  • The Source of Energy
  • The Dynamic of Religion
  • Conclusion