Social Psychology of International Conduct

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Publication Date: 1929
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The endeavor to bring international conduct under the control of law and of justice is the most important of all the enterprises in which the nations are now engaged. And with this in mind, the present volume has grown out of the need of presenting to classes in college and university and to general audiences those aspects of international conduct which can best be understood with the help of social psychology. For although the nations may be regarded otherwise also, yet they are immense societies confronting one another and drawn to mutual injury or benefit by their desire, emotion, intelligence, and will.

Table of Contents


Part I: Preparation for International Behavior

  • The Minds of the Backward Races
  • The Advanced Races
  • The Mental Likeness and Contrasts in the Races
  • The Range of Racial Prejudice
  • What Is Racial Prejudice?
  • The Value of Disliking People of Alien Blood
  • Race, Nation, and Nationality
  • The Forces Which Make the Nation
  • What Is the National Spirit?
  • Delusions in the National Mind
  • The Behavior of Different Nations

Part II: The Conduct of Nations Toward One Another

  • The Risk in Close Acquaintance
  • Psychology in Annexations and the Birth Rate
  • The Attitudes Connected With Commerce
  • The Desires Which Drive the International Life
  • The Pattern and Reconciliation of National Desires
  • Attraction and Repulsion Among States
  • International Wars and Animal Pugnacity
  • Our Combative Endowment
  • Unchanging Human Nature in War
  • War as a Product of Social Planning
  • War's Sources in Intelligence
  • The Array of War's Psychological Causes
  • Is There a Society of the Nations?

Part III: The Advancement of International Conduct

  • Grounds for Encouragement
  • The Needed Reeducation
  • The Constructive Attitude Toward the War Problem
  • Instruments Needed By the International Mind
  • The Breadth of the Enterprise

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