Social Psychology

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Publication Date: 1950
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In this book, the author views social behavior as occurring on the part of biological organisms which are also group members. To understand it we must study both individual life and group life, in terms of a single body of coherent concepts and principles. The author therefore tries to sketch an outline of the psychology of group membership in a way which is neither merely psychological nor merely sociological but which, he hopes, may contribute to the growth of a body of concepts and principles of truly social-psychological nature.

Table of Contents


Part I. The Nature and Scope of Social Influence

  1. Asking and Answering Questions about Social Influence
  2. Uniformities and Variations in Social Behavior

Part II. Motives and Attitudes

  1. Motivation in Social Behavior
  2. Acquiring Motives and Attitudes
  3. The Measurement of Attitudes
  4. Change and Persistence of Attitudes
  5. Change and Persistence of Attitudes (continued)

Part III. Social Norms and Roles

  1. Social Norms and Common Attitudes
  2. Role Behavior and the Self

Part IV. Individual Personality

  1. Processes of Personality Development
  2. The Patterning of Self–Other Attitudes
  3. Culture and Personality
  4. Individual Adaptation to Role Prescriptions

Part V. Group Membership

  1. Effects upon Individuals of Membership in Groups
  2. Multiple Group Membership
  3. Group Conflict
  4. Group Solidarity


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