The Inside Story on AIDS

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In The Inside Story on AIDS psychologist, researcher, educator, and AIDS prevention counselor Seth C. Kalichman answers more than 350 of the most commonly asked questions about HIV infection and AIDS. Culled from thousands of questions posed to AIDS telephone hotlines and posted in Web forums, this comprehensive guide offers the most current knowledge from medical and behavioral sciences on prevention and treatment, including advances in medications and the challenges that treatments themselves pose to individuals with HIV.

While most people today are aware of AIDS, many have misconceptions about the disease, such as how HIV and AIDS relate, how the virus is spread (and how it is not), and what kinds of behavior put one at risk. Misinformation about AIDS breeds unwarranted fears and prejudice and puts people at risk for infection. Kalichman sets the record straight with clear guidance on issues such as sexuality and drug use as well as testing and privacy, health care, legal issues, and the social challenges of living with HIV.

Table of Contents



  1. What Are HIV and AIDS?
  2. How Does HIV Cause AIDS?
  3. How Does a Person Get HIV?
  4. Who is at Risk for AIDS?
  5. Can I Get AIDS From…?
  6. What Should I Know About HIV Testing?
  7. How Are People With AIDS Cared For?
  8. What Are the Legal Aspects of AIDS?
  9. How Is AIDS Prevented?

Primary Sources for Answers and Suggested Reading


  1. Glossary
  2. Answer Key to HIV/AIDS Knowledge Questionnaire
  3. Symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  4. AIDS-Defining Opportunistic Illnesses
  5. Directory of Local and National Resources for HIV/AIDS


About the Author

Author Bio

Seth C. Kalichman received his Ph.D. in Clinical-Community Psychology from the University of South Carolina in 1990. He is a Professor in the Psychology Department at the University of Connecticut and has previously been on the faculties of Loyola University of Chicago, Georgia State University, and the Medical College of Wisconsin.

His research focuses on AIDS prevention, treatment, and care. He conducts studies to identify better ways to prevent the spread of HIV and to improve the health and quality of life of those already infected with HIV. His research is supported by the National Institute of Mental Health.

Dr. Kalichman also serves on several advisory boards, editorial boards, and National Institute of Health grant review committees. He was the 1997 recipient of the Distinguished Scientific Award for Early Career Contribution to Psychology in Health, awarded by the American Psychological Association. He is an Associate Editor of the journal Health Psychology and the author of three other books, including Understanding AIDS, published by the American Psychological Association.