Recompensas Para Niños Por Buen Comportamiento

Illustrated by Janet C. O'Flynn
with Meg F. Schneider
Pages: 176
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ISBN: 978-0-9774724-4-4
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Copyright: 2007
Format: Spanish
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In Recompensas Para Niños Por Buen Comportamiento, the Spanish translation of Rewards for Kids! Ready-to-Use Charts & Activities for Positive Parenting, experienced psychologist and child-development expert Virginia Shiller makes it easy for parents to design and carry out reward programs to address their children's individual needs. Detailed "how-to" instructions, together with twenty-one lively sample reward plans that incorporate behavioral principles, guide parents through the steps for success. Sample plans address common behavior problems such as bedtime procrastination and sleep disturbances, getting along with siblings or friends, getting ready for school and other events on time, doing chores, and completing homework without fuss.

Shiller recommends that reward plans be accompanied by plenty of age-appropriate parent-child dialogue about problem behaviors, and the book clearly and persuasively distinguishes between rewards and bribery. Rewards for Kids! also provides a wealth of ideas about enhancing the effectiveness of reward plans by including creative interventions such as role-play, story-telling, and humorous reminders. Readers easily grasp how reward plans can be used to empower children rather than simply to achieve control.

The many imaginative pull-out charts, awards, and certificates, designed for children aged 3–12, can be personalized by coloring and decorating them with photos and stickers. The large variety of reproducible charts makes this a valuable resource for professionals as well as parents.

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Table of Contents

Our Story

About the Author

I. All About Reward Plans

  1. "No! I Won't" Introduction
  2. Bribery or Reward? A Critical Distinction
  3. Designing and Carrying Out Your Plan

II. Time for Action: Sample Reward Plans

  1. "You're Not My Friend Any More!" Getting Along With Others
  2. "Will You Please Hurry Up?" Keeping to the Schedule
  3. "I Can't Fall Asleep!" Overcoming Sleep Problems
  4. "No Shampoo Tonight!" Establishing Hassle-Free Hygiene
  5. "He Hit Me First!" Getting Along With Siblings
  6. "I'll Do It Later!" Doing the Chores
  7. "I Hardly Have Any!" Reducing Homework Blues

III. Your Toolbox: Reward Charts and More

  1. Guide to the Charts and Activities
Reviews & Awards


  • Learning Magazine's Teacher's Choice Award for the Family 2006
  • iParenting Media Award Winner!
  • Bronze Award: Foreword Magazine Book of the Year 2004 Finalist!
  • Independent Publishers Book of the Year Award 2004.