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    Emotion, Disclosure, and Health

    In this book, influential researchers in psychology and anthropology present a much-needed cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural examination of the disclosure-health relationship.

    Copyright: 1995 | Softcover

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    Examining Lives in Context: Perspectives on the Ecology of Human Development

    This book presents the experience of change as illuminated by the simultaneous examination of person, process, context, space, and time.

    Copyright: 1995 | Softcover

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    Videos in Psychology: A Resource Directory

    This APA directory contains summaries of almost 1,000 videotapes with psychological content, as well as contact information for distributors that carry the titles.

    Copyright: 2000 | Softcover

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    Cognitive Dissonance: Progress on a Pivotal Theory in Social Psychology

    This APA book documents the on-going research and debate provoked by the influential cognitive dissonance theory.

    Copyright: 1999 | Hardcover

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    Psychological Testing of Hispanics

    This book concentrates on two main themes: differential psychology and psychological testing in the specific context of testing Hispanics.

    Copyright: 1992 | Softcover

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    Origins and Development of Schizophrenia: Advances in Experimental Psychopathology

    This APA book presents some of the most exciting experimental psychopathology research in this area during the past 10 years and sheds new light on schizophrenia.

    Copyright: 1998 | Hardcover

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    The Rising Curve: Long-Term Gains in IQ and Related Measures

    In this APA book, leading experts in psychology, sociology, psychometrics, and nutrition present and defend different interpretations of findings on the increase in intelligence test scores.

    Copyright: 1998 | Hardcover

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    Emotion and Culture: Empirical Studies of Mutual Influence

    This APA book examines the mounting evidence that emotions are not discrete 'hardwired' biological events, but are influenced and shaped through social, cultural, and linguistic processes.

    Copyright: 1999 | Softcover

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    Uniting Psychology and Biology: Integrative Perspectives on Human Development

    This APA book offers an overview of the work of Daniel Freedman and the subsequent scholarship that emanated from his research.

    Copyright: 1997 | Hardcover

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    Studying Lives Through Time: Personality and Development

    This book presents a state-of-the-art survey of longitudinal research that documents the coherence (rather than consistency) of personality across the life course.

    Copyright: 1993 | Softcover

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