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    The Primary Care Consultant: The Next Frontier for Psychologists in Hospitals and Clinics

    This book surveys innovative programs that integrate health psychology into primary health care in the Department of Defense, VA hospitals, and selected specialty settings, offering a view of the future for psychologists.

    Copyright: 2005 | Hardcover

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    Health Consequences of Abuse in the Family: A Clinical Guide for Evidence-Based Practice

    This book looks at the healthcare needs of people who have experienced abuse and subsequently have related chronic diseases and conditions.

    Copyright: 2004 | Hardcover

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    Innovative Approaches to Health Psychology: Prevention and Treatment Lessons From AIDS

    This APA book demonstrates how health psychology has risen to the challenge to find new ways to reach and treat at-risk populations.

    Copyright: 2002 | Hardcover

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    Understanding Sleep: The Evaluation and Treatment of Sleep Disorders

    This book brings health care professionals the latest developments from the burgeoning field of sleep study and outlines methods for the evaluation and treatment of sleep disorders.

    Copyright: 1997 | Softcover

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    Psychophysiological Disorders: Research and Clinical Applications

    This volume explores the psychological assessment and treatment of several prevalent physical disorders or conditions.

    Copyright: 1993 | Softcover

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