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    Acculturation: Advances in Theory, Measurement, and Applied Research

    This book is a comprehensive review and the most up-to-date analysis of theoretical and applied developments available in the measurement and use of acculturation.

    September 2002 | Hardcover

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    Aging and Cognition: Research Methodologies and Empirical Advances

    This book takes an interdisciplinary look at cognitive aging, methods for measuring cognitive change (including how to study cohort effects), and the social and psychological factors associated with cognitive aging.

    May 2009 | Hardcover

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    Animal Research and Human Health: Advancing Human Welfare Through Behavioral Science

    This book demonstrates the interplay between human and animal research that led to significant advances in diverse areas of psychology including anxiety, stress, and disorders.

    July 2001 | Hardcover

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    Behavior Genetics Principles: Perspectives in Development, Personality, and Psychopathology

    This book presents presents work that addresses both historical and novel approaches to the study of genetic and environmental influences on behavior.

    February 2004 | Hardcover

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    Categorization Inside and Outside the Laboratory: Essays in Honor of Douglas L. Medin

    This book presents the state of knowledge on how people partition the world into categories.

    April 2005 | Hardcover

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    Chaos and Its Influence on Children's Development: An Ecological Perspective

    This book explores how, why, and at what level, chaos at the familial and societal level affects children.

    October 2009 | Hardcover

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    Child Development and Social Policy: Knowledge for Action

    This edited volume focuses on both the influence of social policy on children's development and the unique perspective, insight, and skills that developmentalists bring to this policy and its formation.

    August 2006 | Hardcover

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    Children's Peer Relations: From Development to Intervention

    A compilation of virtually everything that is known about the association between children’s peer relations and the development of peer rejection, aggression, and antisocial behavior.

    May 2004 | Hardcover

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    Cognitive Fatigue: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Current Research and Future Applications

    In this book, the editor has gathered a group of leading experts to assess both basic research and future applications relevant to cognitive fatigue.

    August 2010 | Hardcover

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    Commemorating Brown: The Social Psychology of Racism and Discrimination

    This book offers a critical retrospective on the role of psychological research in the fight against racism and discrimination and an up-to-date review of the psychology of racism and its implications for schools, the workplace, and public policy.

    December 2007 | Hardcover

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