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    Cognition and Brain Development: Converging Evidence From Various Methodologies

    Edited by Kar, Bhoomika Rastogi

    The international contributors to this book present the latest advances in the science of cognitive development, using convergent methodologies derived from behavioral experimentation, electrophysiology, eye-tracking, genetics, and neuroimaging studies.

    Copyright: 2013 | Hardcover

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    Self-Regulation: Brain, Cognition, and Development

    By Berger, Andrea

    This book presents self-regulation as a crucial link between genetic predisposition, early experience, and later adult functioning in society.

    Copyright: 2011 | Hardcover

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    Child Development at the Intersection of Emotion and Cognition

    Edited by Calkins, Susan D.; Bell, Martha Ann

    This volume addresses the codevelopment of emotional and cognitive processes by integrating theoretical and empirical work on these processes.

    Copyright: 2010 | Hardcover

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    Poverty and Brain Development During Childhood: An Approach From Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience

    By Lipina, Sebastián J.; Colombo, Jorge A.

    This book examines how a range of early social and material deprivations affect structural and functional brain organization and cognitive and socioemotional development postnatally and throughout childhood.

    Copyright: 2009 | Hardcover

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    Educating the Human Brain

    By Posner, Michael I.; Rothbart, Mary K.

    This book provides an empirical account of the early development of attention and self regulation in infants and young children.

    Copyright: 2007 | Hardcover

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