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    Multicultural Care: A Clinician's Guide to Cultural Competence

    By Comas-Diaz, Lillian

    This book offers a comprehensive, practical approach for integrating multicultural sensitivity into clinical practice. Ample clinical vignettes and clear, easy-to-remember tools demonstrate the application of cultural competence in various areas of practice, including self-awareness, assessment, engagement, treatment, psychopharmacology, testing, folk healing, and general multicultural consciousness.

    Copyright: 2012 | Hardcover

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    Treating Patients With Alcohol and Other Drug Problems: An Integrated Approach, Second Edition

    By Margolis, Robert D.; Zweben, Joan E.

    In this new edition of Treating Patients With Alcohol and Other Drug Problems: An Integrated Approach, the authors reprise their treatment-oriented survey of assessing alcohol and other drug problems for practitioners to make informed referrals of clients in a variety of intake settings.

    Copyright: 2011 | Hardcover

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    The Collaborative Psychotherapist: Creating Reciprocal Relationships With Medical Professionals

    By Ruddy, Nancy Breen; Borresen, Dorothy A.; Gunn, William B. Jr.

    While it is common knowledge that physical illness affects mental wellbeing and vice versa, there has been a surprising lack of cooperation between psychotherapists and MDs in serving patients' needs. The Collaborative Psychotherapist provides step-by-step guidance on how psychotherapists can work with their medical colleagues on a routine basis.

    Copyright: 2008 | Hardcover

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    Ethical Practice in Small Communities: Challenges and Rewards for Psychologists

    By Schank, Janet A.; Skovholt, Thomas M.

    This book explores how the life of a small-community psychologist differs from that of a colleague in a large urban center who is not part of a small community, highlighting common problems and concerns.

    Copyright: 2006 | Softcover

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    Couple Power Therapy: Building Commitment, Cooperation, Communication, and Community in Relationships

    By Sheras, Peter L.; Koch-Sheras, Phyllis R.

    In this unique book, Drs. Sheras and Koch-Sheras introduce the Couple Power Therapy model, an exciting new approach in which partners cocreate a unified vision for their relationship.

    Copyright: 2006 | Hardcover

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    Treating Patients With Neuropsychological Disorders: A Clinician's Guide to Assessment and Referral

    By Allen, Jeffery B.

    This book is an essential guide for the general practitioner who comes across a patient with a neuropsychological disorder.

    Copyright: 2002 | Softcover

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    Treating Patients With Memories of Abuse: Legal Risk Management

    By Knapp, Samuel J.; VandeCreek, Leon

    This APA volume is essential reading for any practicing psychologist, social worker, or psychiatrist who works with patients struggling with recovered memories of abuse.

    Copyright: 1997 | Softcover

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    Treating People With Chronic Disease: A Psychological Guide

    By Goodheart, Carol D.; Lansing, Martha H.

    This APA book is an accessible volume that offers practitioners straight forward guidelines for overcoming these anxieties and helping people adjust to lives drastically changed by chronic illness.

    Copyright: 1997 | Softcover

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