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    Learning Through Children's Eyes: Social Constructivism and the Desire to Learn

    By Oldfather, Penny; West, Jane; White, Jennifer; Wilmarth, Jill

    This APA book illustrates the ways that teachers, by seeing through children’s eyes, create new possibilities for their students’ intrinsic motivation and meaningful learning.

    Copyright: 1999 | Softcover

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    Study Strategies for Lifelong Learning

    By Weinstein, Claire Ellen; Hume, Laura M.

    Richly illustrated with inventive teaching activities and lively vignettes, this APA book presents an empirically validated and classroom-tested model of strategic learning.

    Copyright: 1998 | Softcover

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    Creating Culturally Responsive Classrooms

    By Shade, Barbara J.; Kelly, Cynthia; Oberg, Mary

    Drawing on cognitive and educational research along with specific information about different ethnocultural groups, this book explores different cultures, styles of learning, and styles of behavior that today's teachers will encounter among their students.

    Copyright: 1997 | Softcover

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    Real-Life Problem Solving: A Collaborative Approach to Interdisciplinary Learning

    This book, geared for teachers, describes an interdisciplinary learning approach in which students and teachers investigate authentic problems that have clear relevance both to themselves and the community.

    Copyright: 1997 | Softcover

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    Developing Self-Regulated Learners: Beyond Achievement to Self-Efficacy

    By Zimmerman, Barry J.; Bonner, Sebastian; Kovach, Robert

    This accessible guide for middle school and high school teachers shows the reader how, through self-regulatory training and development, the classroom can be converted into a learning academy full of motivated, empowered students.

    Copyright: 1996 | Softcover

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    Teaching for Thinking

    By Sternberg, Robert J.; Spear-Swerling, Louise

    This volume is undergirded with an empirically validated and classroom-tested psychological theory that lays out the three ways of thinking and the cognitive processes that underlie them.

    Copyright: 1996 | Softcover

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    Inventive Strategies for Teaching Mathematics: Implementing Standards for Reform

    By Middleton, James A.; Goepfert, Polly

    Mathematics teachers looking for creative classroom strategies to engage students will appreciate the substantive, thought-provoking ideas presented in this volume.

    Copyright: 1996 | Softcover

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    Overcoming Student Failure: Changing Motives and Incentives for Learning

    The authors of this book believe that the reasons for learning, or not learning, are greatly dependent on the kinds of incentives that prevail in the classroom.

    Copyright: 1996 | Softcover

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    Creating Responsible Learners: The Role of a Positive Classroom Environment

    By Ridley, D. Scott; Walther, Bill

    This practical guide for teachers discusses the factors that contribute to a productive classroom atmosphere and promote self-regulatory behavior on the part of students.

    Copyright: 1995 | Softcover

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    Becoming Reflective Students and Teachers With Portfolios and Authentic Assessment

    By Paris, Scott G.; Ayres, Linda R.

    This book details how teachers can encourage students to assess their own academic progress on a daily basis and develop critical thinking and study skills in the process.

    Copyright: 1994 | Softcover

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