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    Psychological Practice With Women: Guidelines, Diversity, Empowerment

    This book presents and illustrates practice guidelines for working with diverse groups of women.

    Copyright: 2015 | Hardcover

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    Talking About Sexual Assault: Society's Response to Survivors

    By Ullman, Sarah E.

    This book provides a comprehensive look at women's rape disclosure, addressing such issues as why, how often, and to whom women disclose their sexual assault; how people respond to disclosures; what factors influence how they respond to disclosures; and how these responses affect survivors.

    Copyright: 2010 | Hardcover

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    The Glass Ceiling in the 21st Century: Understanding Barriers to Gender Equality

    This volume explains and offers remedies for women's continued inequality with men in the workplace, based on empirical evidence.

    Copyright: 2009 | Hardcover

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    Listening to Battered Women: A Survivor-Centered Approach to Advocacy, Mental Health, and Justice

    By Goodman, Lisa A.; Epstein, Deborah

    This book presents an in-depth, multidisciplinary look at society’s responses to domestic violence.

    Copyright: 2008 | Hardcover

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    Psychology and Economic Injustice: Personal, Professional, and Political Intersections

    By Lott, Bernice; Bullock, Heather E.

    Drawing from diverse sources, the authors present data on social class and poverty, and tie these to social psychology and feminist perspectives.

    Copyright: 2007 | Hardcover

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    Featuring Females: Feminist Analyses of Media

    This book analyzes the portrayals of women in a variety of outlets including reality television shows, films, print and electronic news programming, magazines, video games, and commercial advertising.

    Copyright: 2005 | Hardcover

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    Feminist Family Therapy: Empowerment in Social Context

    This APA book offers case-based discussions that address race, gender, and class as they effect the personal problems of individual families.

    Copyright: 2003 | Hardcover

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    Relationships Among Asian American Women

    This APA book brings insight into Asian American women's lives by a scientific exploration of the relationships they form together.

    Copyright: 2000 | Hardcover

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    Practicing Feminist Ethics in Psychology

    This book is the first to comprehensively examine how feminist values and principles illuminate ethical dilemmas commonly faced by psychologists.

    Copyright: 2000 | Softcover or Hardcover

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    The New Civil War: The Psychology, Culture, and Politics of Abortion

    This APA book examines influences of religion, morality, race, politics, personal history, sociopolitical context, and economics on a woman's decision to continue or terminate her pregnancy.

    Copyright: 1998 | Hardcover

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