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    APA Ethics Code Commentary and Case Illustrations

    By Campbell, Linda; Vasquez, Melba; Behnke, Stephen; Kinscherff, Robert

    This book is a comprehensive examination of the APA Ethics Code and the complex process of ethical decision making.

    Copyright: 2010 | Hardcover

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    APA Handbook of Ethics in Psychology

    In this two-volume handbook, contributors investigate the complexities of ethical behavior in clinical, educational, forensic, health, and tele- psychology.

    Copyright: 2012 | Hardcover

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    Assisted Suicide and the Right to Die: The Interface of Social Science, Public Policy, and Medical Ethics

    By Rosenfeld, Barry

    This book examines how social science can inform policy and practice issues in the ongoing debates on end-of-life issues.

    Copyright: 2004 | Hardcover

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    Billing and Collecting for Your Mental Health Practice: Effective Strategies and Ethical Practice

    By Barnett, Jeffrey E.; Walfish, Steven

    This book presents specific, practical guidance on the technical aspects of billing and related ethical and legal considerations.

    Copyright: 2012 | Softcover

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    Boundaries in Psychotherapy: Ethical and Clinical Explorations

    By Zur, Ofer

    Written for professionals to help them understand and navigate boundary issues such as exchange of gifts, nonsexual touch, therapist’s self-disclosure, dual relationships, bartering, home visits, home office practice, and telehealth.

    Copyright: 2007 | Hardcover

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    The Duty to Protect: Ethical, Legal, and Professional Considerations for Mental Health Professionals

    This book dispels myths and provides clinicians, supervisors, and trainers with a comprehensive resource addressing the situations where a duty to protect may apply.

    Copyright: 2009 | Hardcover

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    Essential Ethics for Psychologists: A Primer for Understanding and Mastering Core Issues

    By Nagy, Thomas F.

    This one-of-a-kind book acculturates the reader into ethical practice in psychology by enhancing critical thinking skills. Rather than explain each of the 80+ standards of the APA Ethics Code, the book examines the code's underlying principles.

    Copyright: 2011 | Softcover

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    Ethical Conflicts in Psychology, Fourth Edition

    By Bersoff, Donald N.

    The 4th edition of this classic book describes the fundamental ethical dilemmas embedded in the psychologist's array of roles.

    Copyright: 2008 | Hardcover or Softcover

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    Ethical Dilemmas in Fertility Counseling

    By Horowitz, Judith E.; Galst, Joann Paley; Elster, Nanette

    This book addresses the many quandaries encountered by mental health professionals who practice in the field of reproductive medicine.

    Copyright: 2010 | Hardcover

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    Ethical Dilemmas in Psychotherapy: Positive Approaches to Decision Making

    By Knapp, Samuel J.; Gottlieb, Michael C.; Handelsman, Mitchell M.

    This book describes an easily applied decision-making process based on positive ethics and bolstered by numerous case examples that will help psychotherapists reach the best solutions possible.

    Copyright: 2015 | Softcover

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