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    Organizational Change Through Individual Empowerment: Applying Social Psychology in Prisons and Policing

    By Toch, Hans

    This incisive retrospective by social psychologist Hans Toch surveys the author's groundbreaking work among police, corrections officers, and inmates, to investigate the psychologist's role in promoting participatory change.

    March 2014 | Hardcover

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    The Nature of Work: Advances in Psychological Theory, Methods, and Practice

    This book presents frameworks for studying and thinking about human behavior in the workplace. Chapters discuss the meanings attached to work; theoretical advances; innovations in measurement, and ways to bridge the gap between research and practice.

    September 2013 | Hardcover

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    Purpose and Meaning in the Workplace

    This book investigates the crucial question of how meaningful work can be fostered and sustained throughout a range of work environments.

    May 2013 | Hardcover

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    Alcohol and Illicit Drug Use in the Workforce and Workplace

    By Frone, Michael R.

    This authoritative book examines what we know and don't know about workforce and workplace substance involvement, including popular myths about the prevalence, causes, and productivity outcomes of employee substance use.

    November 2012 | Hardcover

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    Preventive Stress Management in Organizations, Second Edition

    By Quick, James Campbell; Wright, Thomas A.; Adkins, Joyce A.; Nelson, Debra L.; Quick, Jonathan D.

    This book offers a comprehensive framework for creating healthy workplaces.

    August 2012 | Hardcover

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    Conducting Multinational Research: Applying Organizational Psychology in the Workplace

    This book presents accessible models and real-world examples of large-scale, multinational research within organizations.

    April 2012 | Hardcover

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    Virtuous Leaders: Strategy, Character, and Influence in the 21st Century

    By Kilburg, Richard R.

    This book characterizes effective leadership as a combination of specific behaviorally based competencies and virtuous aspects of character.

    January 2012 | Hardcover

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    Dynamic Network Theory: How Social Networks Influence Goal Pursuit

    By Westaby, James D.

    This groundbreaking book explores social networks in formal and informal organizations, using a combination of approaches from social psychology, I/O psychology, organization/management science, social learning, and helping skills.

    November 2011 | Hardcover

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    Career Counseling

    By Savickas, Mark L.

    This book discusses the history and theory behind earlier approaches to vocational guidance and then presents a postmodern, 21st century theory of career counseling, a therapeutic form completely different from traditional vocational guidance or career education.

    June 2011 | Softcover

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    Perceived Organizational Support: Fostering Enthusiastic and Productive Employees

    By Eisenberger, Robert; Stinglhamber, Florence

    Using organizational support theory and evidence gathered from hundreds of studies, this book demonstrates how perceived organizational support affects employees' well-being, the positivity of their orientation toward the organization and work, and behavioral outcomes favorable to the organization.

    February 2011 | Hardcover

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