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Coverage List

ISBN Title
1-55798-880-3 Acting out: Maladaptive behavior in confinement
1-55798-897-8 Antisocial behavior in children and adolescents: A developmental analysis and model for intervention
1-55798-902-8 Asian American psychology: The science of lives in context
1-55798-874-9 Assessing individuals with disabilities in educational, employment, and counseling settings
1-55798-840-4 Assistive technology: Matching device and consumer for successful rehabilitation
1-55798-843-9 Beginner's guide to the MCMI-III, A
1-55798-789-0 Bipolar disorder: A cognitive therapy approach
1-55798-903-6 Child art in context: A cultural and comparative perspective
1-55798-875-7 Children of depressed parents: Mechanisms of risk and implications for treatment
1-55798-833-1 Deepening psychotherapy with men
1-55798-922-2 EMDR as an integrative psychotherapy approach: Experts of diverse orientations explore the paradigm prism
1-55798-881-1 Emotion-focused therapy: Coaching clients to work through their feelings
1-55798-912-5 Enhanced cognitive-behavioral therapy for couples: A contextual approach
1-55798-882-X Evolving perspectives on the history of psychology
1-55798-886-2 Exploring sport and exercise psychology (2nd ed.)
1-55798-786-6 Family psychology: Science-based interventions
1-55798-923-0 Gender, work stress, and health
1-55798-896-X Great psychologists and their times: Scientific insights into psychology's history
1-55798-909-5 Handbook of clinical health psychology: Volume 1. Medical disorders and behavioral applications
1-55798-914-1 Helping children cope with disasters and terrorism
1-55798-792-0 Hollow promises: Employment discrimination against people with mental disabilities
1-55798-787-4 Humanistic psychotherapies: Handbook of research and practice
1-55798-913-3 Innovative approaches to health psychology: Prevention and treatment lessons from AIDS
1-55798-831-5 Interpretive and supportive psychotherapies: Matching therapy and patient personality
1-55798-828-5 Intrusive parenting: How psychological control affects children and adolescents
1-55798-872-2 Living with childhood cancer: A practical guide to help families cope
1-55798-827-7 Mastering relationship conflicts: Discoveries in theory, research, and practice
1-55798-921-4 Organizational assessment: A step-by-step guide to effective consulting
1-55798-878-1 Origins of human nature: Evolutionary developmental psychology, The
1-55798-813-7 Pediatric psychopharmacology: Combining medical and psychosocial interventions
1-55798-842-0 Perfectionism: Theory, research, and treatment
1-55798-826-9 Personality disorders and the five-factor model of personality (2nd ed.)
1-55798-911-7 Preventing violence in relationships: Interventions across the life span
1-55798-894-3 Psychodynamics of gender and gender role, The
1-55798-841-2 Rethinking the DSM: A psychological perspective
1-55798-883-8 Self and motivation: Emerging psychological perspectives
1-55798-885-4 Self-injurious behavior: Gene-brain-behavior relationships
1-55798-829-3 Stress in policing
1-55798-761-0 Suicidal patient: Clinical and legal standards of care (2nd ed.), The
1-55798-793-9 Therapy with difficult clients: Using the precursors model to awaken change
1-55798-825-0 Treating patients with neuropsychological disorders: A clinician's guide to assessment and referral
1-55798-895-1 Violence and gender reexamined
1-55798-910-9 Writing cure: How expressive writing promotes health and emotional well-being, The