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Coverage List

ISBN Title
1-59147-070-6 After the crash: Psychological assessment and treatment of survivors of motor vehicle accidents (2nd ed.)
1-59147-005-6 Assessment of partner violence: A handbook for researchers and practitioners
1-59147-102-8 Assisted suicide and the right to die: The interface of social science, public policy, and medical ethics
1-59147-083-8 Behavior genetics principles: Perspectives in development, personality, and psychopathology
1-59147-1184-4 Beyond significance testing: Reforming data analysis methods in behavioral research
1-59147-056-0 Casebook for a spiritual strategy in counseling and psychotherapy
1-59147-105-2 Children's peer relations: From development to intervention
1-59147-119-2 Clinical supervision: A competency-based approach
1-55798-982-6 Connecting to learn: Educational and assistive technology for people with disabilities
1-59147-094-3 Coping with cross-examination and other pathways to effective testimony
1-59147-107-9 Counseling the procrastinator in academic settings
1-59147-120-6 Creativity: From potential to realization
1-59147-097-8 Culture and competence: Contexts of life success
1-59147-027-7 Defining difference: Race and racism in the history of psychology
1-59147-028-5 Dream work in therapy: Facilitating exploration, insight, and action
1-59147-095-1 Experiences of depression: Theoretical, clinical, and research perspectives
1-59147-093-5 Exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis: Understanding concepts and applications
1-59147-109-5 Facing human suffering: Psychology and psychotherapy as moral engagement
1-59147-030-7 From child sexual abuse to adult sexual risk: Trauma, revictimization, and intervention
1-59147-034-X Generative society: Caring for future generations, The
1-59147-091-9 Handbook of clinical health psychology: Volume 2. Disorders of behavior and health
1-59147-106-0 Handbook of clinical health psychology: Volume 3. Models and perspectives in health psychology
1-59147-100-1 Healing plots: The narrative basis of psychotherapy
1-59147-045-5 Health consequences of abuse in the family: A clinical guide for evidence-based practice
1-59147-081-1 Interpersonal foundations of psychopathology
1-59147-062-5 Investing in children, youth, families, and communities: Strengths-based research and policy
1-59147-048-X Juvenile delinquency: Understanding the origins of individual differences
1-59147-096-X Lawyer, know thyself: A psychological analysis of personality strengths and weaknesses
1-59147-080-3 Learning emotion-focused therapy: The process-experiential approach to change
1-59147-067-6 Life and death decisions: Psychological and ethical considerations in end-of-life care
1-59147-077-3 Measure of service learning: Research scales to assess student experiences, The
1-59147-108-7 Measuring up: Educational assessment challenges and practices for psychology
1-59147-069-2 Participatory community research: Theories and methods in action
1-59147-044-7 Personality-guided therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder
1-59147-043-9 Personality-guided therapy in behavioral medicine
1-59147-022-6 Perspectivism in social psychology: The yin and yang of scientific progress
1-59147-079-X Prevention of anxiety and depression: Theory, research, and practice, The
1-59147-054-4 Primary care psychology
1-59147-144-3 Psychological assessment of adult posttraumatic states: Phenomenology, diagnosis, and measurement (2nd ed.)
1-59147-046-3 Psychology and consumer culture: The struggle for a good life in a materialistic world
1-59147-047-1 Psychology builds a healthy world: Opportunities for research and practice
1-59147-068-4 Psychology of workplace safety, The
1-59147-122-2 Racial identity in context: The legacy of Kenneth B. Clark
1-59147-018-8 School-based mental health services: Creating comprehensive and culturally specific programs
1-59147-147-8 Social problem solving: Theory, research, and training
1-55798-952-4 Social psychology of group identity and social conflict: Theory, application, and practice, The
1-59147-142-7 Taxometrics: Toward a new diagnostic scheme for psychopathology
1-59147-103-6 Team cognition: Understanding the factors that drive process and performance
1-59147-053-6 Temporal matters in social psychology: Examining the role of time in the lives of groups and individuals
1-59147-066-8 Trauma and health: Physical health consequences of exposure to extreme stress
1-59147-032-3 Understanding terrorism: Psychosocial roots, consequences, and interventions
1-59147-078-1 You're on!: Consulting for peak performance