The Inside Story on Teen Girls

Experts answer teens' questions

The Inside Story on Teen Girls gives expert answers to real questions asked by parents and teen girls.

Readers will find the wonderful collection of questions and answers to be like having a personal confidant or private therapist who they can ask anything and everything they have ever wanted to know about being a teenager or being a parent.

The Inside Story on Teen Girls grew out of a survey of parents and teens with diverse backgrounds across the country. The result is this book that directly helps teen girls and their parents, and it might just help you!

Table of Contents: Teen Girls

About the Authors

  1. Who Am I? And Why Do I Feel This Way Excerpt

  2. What's Happening to My Body?

  3. Girlfriends and Boyfriends—Why Is It All So Complicated?

  4. Guys, Love, and Sex—How Do I Decide What To Do?

  5. School, School, School—Why Is There Always A Problem?

  6. How Do I Find The Time To Do It All?

  7. Are All Families This Difficult To Live With?

  8. Eating Disorders, Anxiety, Depression: How Can I Tell If I'm Really in Trouble?

  9. Drugs and Alcohol: How Can I Not Be Tempted?

  10. What Will My Future Be Like?

  11. Why Is It So Hard To Fit In?

Table of Contents: Parents

About the Authors

  1. Why is She So Difficult to Deal With? Understanding and Communicating With Adolescent Girls

  2. Why Can't She Ever Think For Herself? Adolescent Girls and Their Peer Group

  3.  Will I Ever Stop Worrying About Her? The Vulnerabilities of Adolescent Girls

  4. How Can I Help Her Feel Good About Herself? Building Strength and Resiliency in Adolescent Girls

  5. How Will She Ever Become an Independent Woman? Helping Adolescent Girls Prepare For The Future?