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APA provides a variety of options for APA members and non-member individuals to access the latest behavioral and social science research, literature, and resources needed to stay current in their field.
APA Members & Individuals

Through easy web-based access to journal articles, book chapters, measurement instruments, videos, and much more, the award-winning APA-engineered APA PsycNET® platform enables users to efficiently and precisely discover, display, and download information to meet every behavioral science research need.

Find the Perfect Access Option to Fit Your Information Needs

Annual Subscription Options

Annual Subscription Options

Take full advantage of APA's scholarly content with an annual subscription. Choose a level of access to an array of databases and resources in the behavioral sciences that meets your specific information needs.

On-Demand Access through APA PsycNET Direct

APA PsycNET Direct — On-Demand Access Options

Search the database that's right for your immediate needs with the flexibility of on-demand access to APA's scholarly research databases. Access options vary by database, and are available for either a 24-hour period or charged on the basis of each item that is downloaded.

Finding information With APA PsycNET

APA PsycNET Direct Search: Single Article or Chapter

For researchers who don't subscribe to PsycARTICLES or PsycBOOKS, we provide a transactional process for purchasing single articles or chapters. This tutorial walks you through the process of finding an article either through a 3rd party or APA's PsycNET platform, setting up an account, and purchasing the content.
4 minutes, 36 seconds [Closed Captioned]

Annual Subscription Options

APA PsycNET® Subscriptions

Access all of the APA research databases with an affordable personal subscription to APA PsycNET. Choose from 3 access options, each designed to meet specific research needs:

APA PsycSCAN databases
Discover and search content from topic specific subsets of information drawn from the PsycINFO database by APA experts. Based on their relevance to a variety of psychology disciplines, these professionally curated collections allow users to search and discover citations and abstracts from leading behavioral science journals.

Search tens of thousands of incisive book and film reviews from 1956 to present. 

Graduate Study Online
Research the details for more than 500 psychology programs in the United States and Canada.

On-Demand Access Options

APA databases are available on-demand through APA PsycNET® Direct:

Journal Articles & Book Chapters

  • PsycARTICLES® Direct
    Search or browse all of APA's full-text journal articles found in the PsycARTICLES database for free, and pay only when you find an article you wish to view or print. Results lists include abstracts and citations to help you determine which articles you wish to purchase access to.
  • PsycBOOKS® Direct
    Search or browse all of the APA and classic books in the PsycBOOKS database for free, and pay only when you find a chapter you wish to view or print. Results lists include abstracts and citations to help you determine which chapters you wish to purchase access to.

24 Hours of Access

For broad access that also includes sources that are outside of the information published by APA:

  • PsycINFO® Direct
    Search the nearly 4 million citations in the vast PsycINFO bibliographic database for 24 hours for a nominal fee. Search results will include abstracts, bibliographic data, cited references, and other descriptive information from scholarly books, journals and dissertations.
  • PsycEXTRA® Direct
    Search the expertly curated gray literature found in the PsycEXTRA database for 24 hours for a nominal fee. Included are technical reports, white papers, conference papers, standards, and much more. More than 70% records include the full text document, which can be downloaded or printed as part of the access fee.
  • PsycCRITIQUES® Direct
  • Search PsycCRITIQUES, APA's high-quality book and film review database, for 24 hours for a nominal fee. The database, which includes reviews published by APA since 1956, is updated weekly. The full-text of each review can be downloaded or printed as part of the access fee.
  • Combination Package
    Access all three databases (PsycINFO, PsycCRITIQUES, and PsycEXTRA) for a 24-hour period for one discounted access fee.

Learn more about APA PsycNET Direct®.

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