Answers to your questions about bibliographic instruction support and training materials

Find out what materials APA provides to help librarians help their patrons get the most out of APA databases.

I need to update the Psychology Department InfoGuide on the library web site. Can you provide me with some time-saving tools?

We have links to all of our resources from the Librarian's Resource Center and we give permission to post links to training documentation, tutorials and videos, and webinar registration pages.

Can you provide some simple documentation that we can hand out at the reference desk?

APA PsycINFO Customer Relations staff maintain Quick Reference Guides for APA PsycNET, EBSCOhost, OvidSP, and CSA Illumina. These pocket-sized, fold-out guides provide basic search tips, definitions of select fields, results management strategies, and citation searching information. You can print the PDF version of the guides or you can order quantities by emailing us with the number of guides you need, your name and mailing address, and a contact phone number.

We offer information literacy and other bibliographic instruction workshops at the beginning of the semester. We still get students contacting us at the last minute before their assignments are due with questions about how to find peer-reviewed literature, how to create an annotated bibliography, and so on. Do you have any information we can use?

For quick information on how to find peer-reviewed articles, search for methodologies, and other frequently-asked questions, many libraries direct their students to APA's online tutorials and our videos on YouTube. These short—one to three minutes—closed-captioned tutorials highlight search techniques as well as topical searches. The YouTube videos are organized into play lists according to vendor. Topics include how to find peer-reviewed items, how to format a citation in APA Style, how to find literature reviews, and more.

Graduate students and advanced researchers want to know how to submit a manuscript to an APA journal for publication.

If a researcher is interested in submitting a manuscript to a specific APA journal, he or she can access the journal information via the table of contents in PsycARTICLES Browse by Title. Detailed information is provided on the APA web site. at APA Journals Manuscript Submission Instructions for All Authors. If an author's work has been accepted for publication in an APA journal, there are document deposit procedures available, including National Institutes of Health manuscript deposit information.

I have psychology and behavioral sciences faculty who want us to teach a full-length class on how to use the resources provided by APA.

APA offers introductory and advanced webinar training for students and faculty.

Introductory Student Training is a 50-minute session designed for students, faculty, or library staff unfamiliar with APA databases or who are accessing APA databases on a platform that is new to them.

Advanced Student Training is designed specifically for upper-level undergraduates, graduate students, and other experienced researchers. These 1-hour sessions are intended for those familiar with APA's research databases, comfortable with multi-field searching, and looking for innovative ways to use the information available in the databases.

You can post the webinar schedule on your library web site or e-mail any questions or comments to PsycINFO Webinars with "Student Training" in the subject line. We can discuss arranging a classroom-specific webinar.

Our social and health sciences programs include disciplines other than core psychology. Is there a quick way for me to direct students from these disciplines to APA databases for relevant interdisciplinary research?

Yes! We highlight the interdisciplinary content, search strategies, and controlled vocabulary from the Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms with our PsycINFO and PsycEXTRA Application Guides. The Application Guides are in PDF format, allowing for easy printing and distribution. Translated versions of many of the PsycINFO Application Guides are available in French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. Topics include Consumer Psychology and Marketing, Military Psychology, Neuroscience, and Religion and Spirituality.

A useful browsing tool is the Classification Categories and Codes. Every record in APA databases receives a classification code that is used to categorize the document according to the primary subject matter. These classification codes can help you target your search by allowing you to restrict retrieval to a specific category. You can browse recent literature within one of these topical categories or subcategories to locate a term paper or keep abreast of recent research. Faculty and students will find that using the Classification Codes gives them much of the serendipity of browsing shelves of books.

Students in research methods classes want to locate peer-reviewed articles that use a specific type of research method, or they need to find only literature reviews, clinical case studies, or longitudinal studies. What are the definitions of the methodology field values as applied in the APA databases?

APA databases methodology field values definitions are available and can also be downloaded in PDF format. These brief descriptions give users an idea of what types of documents and research can be found by applying these field values in a search. For example, if you limit a search to the Literature Review methodology, your results will include only documents that fit the criteria described in the field definition.

What other resources are available to support users of the APA databases?

Are you or faculty in search of hot topics that make fascinating teaching examples? Or maybe you're curious about what kind of content is in PsycEXTRA, our gray literature database, and PsycCRITIQUES, book and film reviews updated weekly?

Listen to our PsycEXTRA and PsycCRITIQUES podcasts or download on iTunes!

Have you attended one of our events at a conference?

If you would like to view and download the PowerPoint presentation for one of these events, you can visit our presentation archive.

Do you want to know more about the Thesaurus? Do you have any suggestions for new index terms, changes to scope notes, or improvements to term hierarchies?

You can read about the Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms and view updates as well as read the introductory material from the Thesaurus. If you have any suggestions for enhancing the Thesaurus, please email Ian Galloway, our Senior Vocabulary Development Specialist, and include your contact information.

How do I keep informed about training and documentation related to APA databases?

Keep up to date on news related to APA databases, training updates and schedules, and new and updated documentation by signing up for the PsycINFO mailing list. You can view current and previous issues of PsycINFO News and subscribe to the RSS feed.