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November 2010 |Vol. 29, No. 5 PDF iconDownload Issue (PDF, 486KB)

Featured Article

PsycTESTS: "Operation Test Derby"


APA staff and freelancers have been engaging in a carefully constructed strategy to find tests for the new PsycTESTS database.

Also In This Issue

  • PsycEXTRA: Now We Are Six!
    An update on PsycEXTRA, our gray literature database: what content is being added, who are the content providers, what searchable document types are available, and what’s next for PsycEXTRA? If you would like to digitize your collection and reach a new and broader audience, please contact us.
  • Magination Press Author Profile
    See the new titles available from Magination Press this fall and read a profile of the author of The Grouchies, Debbie Wagenbach.
  • The PsycINFO Production Process: Behind the Scenes
    We trace the creation of a PsycINFO record, from journal acquisition to release, with an emphasis on the Neuroscience Task Force and its focus on increasing neuroscience content.
  • Spotlight on New Content
    Meet the newest entrant to PsycARTICLES: Psychology of Violence
  • In Search of: Bloom's Taxonomy
    This issue's search example uses two PsycINFO vendor platforms, APA PsycNET and CSA Illumina, to demonstrate how and why a search that may look the same to a searcher yields different results, even though it's drawing from the same pool of records.
  • San Francisco Association of Mental Health Librarians 2010 Conference
    PsycINFO Customer Relations presented for the first time this fall at this interesting conference.